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Double Red Lines

10 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/9/09

Actor Michael Dawes in another quickie. He sits in his narrow paneled office set. His wife Claire, a cute tiny brunette, has gotten another parking ticket. This time, "You're going across my desk."

Unlike some other short films, Michael moves right to the cane, although he has always advocated warming up a bottom. Claire drops her jeans and panties herself. "You're going to give me money's worth." She presents a pretty bottom, bare over the oak desk.

Michael uses a two-pronged artificial cane--it looks nasty. She takes entertaining strokes, jumping and twisting realistically. She looks like she could be distracting for the rest of the evening, but Michael is more businesslike. "I'm in the mood to beat....I'm not in the mood for pleasure..." The last five strokes are very fast and searing. Claire makes a neat package, tiny and willling, with a sore bottom.

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