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Dobule the Strokes

19 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/28/09

This video was packaged with "Peeping Tom at St. Luke's" with references to its storyline but separate action. Scruffy balding actor Michael Dawes is at his white sectional couch, still holding up after all these spankings. He plays the step-father of two tall and stately brunettes, whose bare legs while seated on the couch dominate the scene. They have failed in sports training and Michael is displeased with the expense. The two dramatic girls, in their sundresses and high heels, will be spanked.

Tony goes first over Michael's lap, across the couch. When he turns up her skirt: "Look at daughter!" She receives a standard spanking; extreme closeups. Spectacular.

The second girl is spanked. A lot of fondling. He expects some results. "The smacks are going to get harder every day." The bare bottoms are paraded at the conclusion of this segment.

In the second segment, the blonde Domme Vice Principal form St. Peter'T School, from the "Peeping tom" video is Micahel's wife and returns home, bringing the cane she had used and describing her day. Michael is always fascinated by such discussions and is sure his wife has no idea what a caning acutally feels like.

Well, she's game, as you might have guessed from her behavior earlier. They decide to delay dinner a bit. She eagerly bends over, hikes up her skirt, and unties unusual black knickers which Michael is impressed with. She is no schoolgirl, there is plenty of target, so let's get to work.

There are about 25 hard, short strokes. She jumps and cires, gasps and quakes, and acts more surprised than we would have expected. Typical unmistakable tram lines. "Oh, thank you darling...that was quite an experience." Michael keeps her bare bottom bent-over to admire for a while. Dinner is next and then surely early to bed.

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