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Down on the Farm

41 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/15/10

Actor Michael Dawes in another CalStar country manor setting; he and his friend Rosie are extending the authority of the manor-lord father to torment cute farm girls emplyoed on their estate. The boss's son always has carte blanche privileges in this world.

Michael eyes Jennifer, a thin curvy blue-eyed brunette, finds his excuse, and takes her OTK for a handspanking "like Daddy does." Rosie watches from outside, unnaturally interested in this excitement. Dress up: "Let's have these (black panties) down, shall we?" His usual spanking talk. Jennifer's very pretty face and pale eyes compete for the camera's attention with her bottom.

Jennifer seems to be enjoying all this--the spanking, fondling, and probing. Michael puts her on her back, removes his belt, takes off her skirt, and whacks her twisting bottom as he can reach it in this unproductive position. "You bastard. You're hurting me." She struggles on a couch, trying to avoid being bent over, flashing a very heavy pubic thatch circa 1994.

Michael needs Rosie to join him to hold Jennifer in place. He reaches for the cane. "I don't want to be caned." Michael loves that and lays on 10 strokes before she she jumps up. During all this excitement, Rosie has gotten too close to the threshing machine. Michael to Rosie: "Your turn." "My turn?" Rosie willingly goes over Michael's lap. He turns her dress up to expose zebra panties. "Lovely, a different bottom." There is a playful struggle. "You never warned me about this." He gets her pants off for a handspanking and his belt. "I like the hand better."

He reaches for the pointed brass fireplace bellows and pumps to cool off her bottom. Goodness, we leaped up, thinking he was going to do something else with it. Then he announces, in his way, "Forty strokes with Daddy's cane." We see about 20 strokes, some with a thick cane and some with a thinner whippy variety, which seems to hurt more. Off with her top to display a little zebra bra. [CalStar's mechanical rooster crows from somehere in this sequence]. 40 strokes are not possible. She is suffering. At only 6 strokes, "Oh, shit." Excellent closeups of welts, plenty of surging and twisting in pain.

"We'll forget about the numbers. I'll just keep caning until I've filled every gap." You'd think Rosie would want someone other than Michael to make that determination. Someone of the film crew calls: "Give her more." Rosie, very uncomfortable and hoping for a conclusion: "Who was that?"

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