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Drastic Measures

26 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/29/08

Two actors are identified on the box art, called Frank and Ronnie Dixon. It is a spouse scenario, American actors, and typically lacking in sting, as American productions usually do. However, we wouldn't mind having a few stern talks with Ms. Dixon ourselves.

Frank works at his desk, receives a call from a friend who has seen Ronnie drinking in a bar, apparently a problem for her. Frank is angry and tells his friend he is going to "beat her ass," and off we go.

The actress Ronnie is a delightful thin blonde, with long legs forming a high firm bottom, qualifying her for this work. We recall her in other American CalStar work, most recent for us is "Hitchhiker Spanked." She never really gets spanked, but she makes it look like fun to give it a good try with her. Frank confronts her and in a nonce she is OTK. When she peels off her skin-tight knit dress to display only a thong, her acting credentials are secured. The long slow spanking is silly; the thong is rolled down; and she doth protest too much. Frank sets a cold Coors on one buttock during a pause. Ronnie is a lovely entertaining struggler.

Frank is seen back in the office; Ronnie calls; she has dinged Frank's Corvette. Drinking again, he is sure. He will seek the same remedy. When he gets home, he says: "You know what to do." Ronnie returns in a nifty bra, panty, and garter set, one of those ensembles designed to be taken off. More ineffectual handspanking, but a non-stop bottom, center-screen At the conclusion, she strips, all but the naughty garter belt, hands-on-head facing us, in case we missed anything.

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