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Dream of Destiny - A Victorian Adventure

Written and Conceived by: Rosaleen Young
Stage Direction by: Rosaleen Young
Post Production Direction by: Richard Thompson
Art Direction by: Rosaleen Young
Edited by: Rachael Stevens
Starring: Rosaleen Young
Earl Grey
Review by David Pierson

" Dream of Destiny- A Victorian Adventure" is a masterpiece of spanking video erotica. It is, in my opinion, the best spanking drama ever made. This production features superior film making technique, (the videography and editing couldn't have been better.) the most ambitious script ever attempted in spanking video erotica history and the acting talents of Rosaleen Young and Earl Grey. " Dream of Destiny" is an amazing realization of Rosaleen Young's artistic vision.

As the production opens, we see the beautiful young Rosaleen lying on her ornately decorated four poster bed, dressed in her school uniform and listening to her walkman rather than attending to her studies. So moved is she by the music to which she was listening that she jumped up from her bed and began to dance, lifting the skirt of her uniform and exposing her panties as she moved in time to the music. The noise of her rhythmic movements drew the attention of our heroine's uncle. " What is going on here young lady!", the Uncle exclaimed sternly upon viewing his nieces erotic undulations "You are supposed to be studying", he noted with controlled anger.

" It's so boring.. I'm not going to do it", the naughty niece replied most petulantly. The uncle noted that he was gong to deal with his niece's behavior by giving her a sound spanking. " I just turned eighteen years old and I'll not be spanked", Rosaleen noted. Undeterred, the uncle pulled young Rosaleen across his lap and began the chastisement of his charge with several hard slaps to the seat of her skirt. Soon, the uncle lifted Rosaleen's skirt, exposing her lovely white panties. As he spanked his charge over the bottom of her cotton panties, he lectured upon the importance of doing one's studies while our Rosaleen grimaced and cried out from the pain. Soon, our heroine found herself bent over a chair as her punishment continued. Then, noting that her cotton under wear was providing too much protection, Rosaleen's irate uncle lowered her panties, exposing for the first time in spanking video erotica history "the world's most spankable bottom." This is a moment that shall be celebrated by future generations. The horrified Rosaleen protested at having her red derriere exposed. Unmoved, the uncle began to spank Rosaleen's naked and sore bottom until she cried. The punishment concluded with the ravishing Rosaleen promising her strict guardian that she will be good and do her studies. Noticing that Rosaleen was still distressed by the heat that was emanating from her well-chastised bottom, the uncle noted that she was making way too much of a little spanking. He instructed that in Victorian times naughty girls would have been punished by the paddle or a birch.

We next see out heroine back in her bed a still rubbing her sore bottom. Looking directly into the camera she exclaims " mean old git!", expressing her displeasure with her uncle and the treatment that she had just received at his hands. Rosaleen was somewhat dubious over her uncle's assertions that young girls were birched during Victorian times. She picked up a volume of Victorian history and learned that her uncle had spoken the truth about the corporal punishment that naughty young girls could expect to receive during the reign of Queen Victoria. This seemed to touch the young girl deeply. " Gosh... and I thought spanking was bad", the recently spanked schoolgirl whispered.

Concluding that tomorrow would be a better day, Rosaleen decided that she would go to bed. Dressed in a lovely lace nightgown, Rosaleen curled up under the covers. She found that she needed to rest upon her stomach, as the memory of her recent chastisement was still present in the neurons of her bottom. Soon our heroine fell into a restless sleep. Tossing and turning with intense images of corporal punishment invading her dreams.

Suddenly, Rosaleen was transported back to the time in which the sun never set upon the British Empire. We see young Rosaleen working as a maid in the home of the formidable English peer, Lord Grey. Rosaleen is not the most contentious of his Lordship's servants. It has been reported that on several occasions she had not attended to her duties until 8:00 am when her day is set to begin two hours earlier. On this day, the lovely servant attracts the negative attention of her master, as she drops one of his prized glass figurines and having it fracture into a thousand pieces on the floor. Lord Grey is extrememely peeved by his lovely servant's carelessness. Grabbing her wrist he drags her up the stairs and into the master bedroom. He informs the terrified lass that she will be punished for her misdeeds. He forced her to fetch the leather paddle and to bend over the bed in preparation for her punishment. Her bottom was thrust upward by pillows that were placed under her small belly. The lovely Rosallen cried out as the first blow struck her delicate bottom, covered only by her undergarments. After administering the first few blows of the leather paddle to the backside of Rosaleen's elaborate undergarment, Lord Grey took the liberty of opening that undergarment and exposing the young girl's bottom. " Please modesty!", the terrified servant exclaimed in a plaintive voice. Completely unmoved, the Lord of the Manner just proceeded with the chastisement of young Rosaleen. Blow after hard blow stuck the lovely servant's naked bottom. With each strike of the vile leather implement of punishment the young girl cried in pain. Upon completion of her punishment at the hand of her lord and master, young Rosaleen promised to be more attentive to her duties.

Later we see the young servant girl angry over her humiliation. Seeking her revenge upon Lord Grey, Rosaleen stole her master's diary and proceeded to rip it apart and throw the discarded pages into the fireplace. Unfortunately for the lovely Rosaleen, Lord Grey stumbled upon her act of vengeance. Now, truly furious, the aggrieved noblemen required that young Rosaleen strip down to her undergarments. She was made to bend over a wooden table and to expose her bottom in preparation for a birching. The first blow stuck Rosaleen's lovely bottom quite hard. She cried out and shouted " One!", keeping count of the blows that were delivered as her master required of her. Blow after painful blow fell upon our heroines unprotected bottom. Shortly, the angered aristocrat made young Rosaleen remove all of her clothes. Once again, she pleaded that she be spared that indignity, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears. Now the completely naked servant girl was made to place her hands on the top of the hearth as her bottom was beaten further with the birch. At the conclusion of the young girl's session with the birch we are then transported once again to Rosaleen's bedroom. She awakens with a start as her face fills the entire frame. Slowly the camera pans back as the shaken Rosaleen attempts to maintain her composure.

"Dream of Destiny-A Victorian Adventure" is an erotic experience not to be missed by any aficionado of the spanking or erotic cinema. Earl Grey 's performance as the irate uncle and the angered aristocrat was masterful.

Miss. Young's performance in this production was nothing short of stunning. Rosaleen's skills as a trained thespian were used to their fullest extent in this production. It is also hard to overstate the contribution that the post -production team of Richard Thompson and editor Rachel Stevens made to this exceedingly successful work. The videography and editing were essential elements in giving this production its authenticity.

Despite the fact that she is but nineteen years old, Miss Young is an amazingly talented woman. She is a superior writer, actor, dancer, model and conceptual artist. How does one describe a person with the charm, wit, intelligence and beauty of Rosaleen Young? Perhaps, Henry James said it best in his novel " The Wings of the Dove". " When she smiles it is public event and when she doesn't it is a chapter in history". (I took the liberty of slightly reworking Mr. James' passage. I trust that he won't mind too much.) I look forward to The Rose of London's next project with great anticipation.

To learn more about Rosaleen Young visit her website:

David Pierson Interviews Rosaleen Young.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Rosaleen Young. She told me that she was a nineteen-year-old fetish model from London and that she was about to shoot her first spanking video for a major production house. She asked me if I had any ideas as to what would make for a good spanking production. After we corresponded a few times, I told this amazingly bright young woman to just go with her instincts. She knows what turns her on. It is often hard to believe that Ms. Young is but nineteen years of age. She is very smart, well read and ambitious. Her spanking fantasies can be traced to her earliest childhood memories. She recalls being turned on by nursery rhymes. During our pre-interview, Rosaleen told me that at six years of age, she would lie in bed and make up " mind-movies" in which her bottom was punished in some way. I was very pleased when this future star of the spanking cinema agreed to talk to me.

David: Hi Rosaleen. Thank you so much for doing this interview with me. So you are destined to be the biggest star in spanking cinema?
Rosaleen: That would be a dream come true but I am very new to the spanking modeling scene. I have only done one video and a few photosets so far, and so I have a lot of work ahead of me. For now I just want to do the best I can and have fun.

David: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? What sort of things interest you?
Rosaleen: Oooh, this is always a difficult one. Ironically, you will probably learn more about me through my answers to other questions. I am a 19 year-old submissive from, good points: I am enthusiastic, creative and deep-thinking. Bad points... this is easier (laugh): I am lazy, a procrastinator, conceited, especially about my bottom and intellect, hot-tempered and stubborn. I have many interests - mainly either artistic or scientific. I love acting, singing, ballet, traveling, reading, writing, swimming, eating in restaurants, going to the theatre/cinema/gallery. I'm not a big one for socializing - too shy and reclusive but I do like play-based fetish clubs as they bring me out of my shell. Oh, and I have no dominant tendencies whatsoever - one hundred percent submissive.

David: I just heard that you just finished shooting your first spanking video. I know that you have to keep some things under your hat, but could you tell our readers about your experience?
Rosaleen: I was very lucky because the company allowed me full creative input. I wrote the plot, cast the actor, organized the costumes and found the venue. I love to collect Victorian clothing and wanted to do a sequence set in that era. The experience itself was incredibly fun. I got spanked over-the-knee, paddled and birched. The birching was wonderful and a great challenge physically. It is a fantastic, old-fashioned implement and rarely seen in videos today. I left covered in deep bruises and desperate to make another one as soon as possible.

David: I understand that you started you career as a teen fashion model. What sort of modeling was this? I mean did you do runway modeling, photo work or both?
Rosaleen: Unfortunately, at five feet two inches, I am a little too petite for the catwalk. I mainly did photographic work advertising a range of different products and stores. It was well-paid but there was little artistic integrity in any of it. I moved into teen glamour ...tasteful nude, which I still do. It is more fun and tease-y and gives me the money I need to do the spanking/bondage and fine art work that I truly love.

David: How did you make the transition into becoming a fetish model? Who have you worked for in the industry?
Rosaleen: To be honest, I actually had no idea that the spanking/bondage market was so huge. I kick myself now as I wish I had got into it a lot sooner. There are a couple of spanking magazines over here in England. My friend, Earl Grey, worked for one of them and so I approached one of the others. I ended up with my own "diary" every issue. I loved writing and modeling for it but, after a while, I felt that they began to take advantage of me and so I quit. That is when I began to discover and approach the Internet BDSM sites. I had a two-week trip to the U.S. and was fortunate enough to work for some of the huge bondage sites over there. I worked for Bedroom Bondage, Bondage Café, Fetish Nation, Gwenmedia, Bindher and Erotic Distress. When I came home I was all fired up and ready to set up my own little site. I was thrilled to team up with Dr Matty from Shackled Maidens and everything really started from there.

David: Is it true that you are a virgin? I read that. I'm sorry, is that too personal? You don't have to answer that.
Rosaleen: No, that's fine. I am actually proud of it ...sad I know. (giggle) It is a rare occurrence in today's society but, although I make no judgments on anyone else's decisions, I was raised in a strict Presbyterian family. I have held onto certain Christian morals, no sex before marriage being one of them.

David: Do you remember when you first became interested in spanking?
Rosaleen: I have had submissive feelings for as long as I can remember. I recall being interested in nursery rhymes that involved spanking, like Little Polly Flinders and the Queen of Hearts, when I was about 4 years old. I always imagined myself as the spankee. Later, I began to secretly read darker novels with BDSM themes, like Story of O and the works of DeSade, in order to understand myself a bit more. One day, during my early teens, I remember locking myself in my cupboard and spanking myself with a wooden coat-hanger just to experience what an erotic spanking felt like. Basically, my submission has been a part of me since childhood. I do not understand why or what produced it. All I know is that it is the core of my sexual and psychological self.

David: Were you spanked as a child? What am I saying... you are a kid. (laugh) Were you spanked when you were younger?
Rosaleen: Yes, I received many spankings from my parents. There were firm believers in the Bible's 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' policy. There was nothing sexual about those punishments though. They were purely for discipline.

David: I don't know if you have read my interviews with stars of the spanking video erotica world, but they all tell similar stories. How does that make you feel? What I mean is, does it make you feel less alone?
Rosaleen: It is always welcoming to read about the experiences of others. I grew up with my submissiveness feeling like a freak. Learning that others feel this way has helped me to accept myself the way I am.

David: So, at this point in your life, what are your career goals in the spanking world?
Rosaleen: I hope to continue modeling for spanking films, as I truly adore live-action. I would love to make my own videos one day but it is not financially viable at the moment. My website is ticking over. The token system never renders high profits but it is more a place to show off and explore my fantasies in my own way. My most exciting project is my book of short stories/poems. 'Fantasies of a Young Submissive' should be released in August 2003 from Chimera Books ...oops, gratuitous plug alert! (both laugh) I have put a lot of love into it and have high hopes for success.

David: Rosaleen, you are just too cute. Thank you so much for talking with me. I hope all of your wishes come true. Stay in touch, ok?
Rosaleen: My pleasure, David. Thank you for you help, advice and kindness. All the best and happy spankings to all.

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