Guest Review by: Gord Henley 5/22/06

To begin, I'm going to directly quote the description of this movie from the Bum Rap Productions own website:

"Meg (Tasha Lee) is a fairly straight laced attorney. When she expresses the desire to expand her rather limited sexual repertory, to include spanking play, her more experienced friend, Kristin, suggests she rent a "How-To" video. What Meg finds is a video entitled 'BDSM: From Bottom To Top.' Popping it into the machine, Meg suddenly finds herself thrust into a world she could barely have imagined. What follows is a fantasy epic the like of which has never before been seen in a spanking film. "

Now, you might think this is a bit of an exaggeration, but it's not. I have never seen a spanking video that joins together the worlds of fantasy and reality as well as "Dreamscape" does.

As soon as "Meg" (Tasha) puts the aforementioned video in the machine, she is greeted by a Mistress, who takes her into the fantasy world we are also privileged to see, and be part of. Meg is quite shocked at what she sees, and asks the Mistress what she is witnessing. The Mistress says what Meg is seeing is her imagination. And what an imagination Meg has !!!

Immediately, we see several people who are in different stages of bondage, being disciplined. While there are women being whipped, the eroticism of the discipline is not forgotten. That's a recurring theme throughout the entire production. It seems as if our Meg is an "equal opportunity fantasist", as along with the women being punished, she has not forgotten about the men who are into spanking and discipline. In one scene, we see a man in old fashioned stocks, being paddled by the Mistress who is providing the main instruction about the scene to Meg. Much like his female counterparts, the man's punishment is real, but he is also enjoying himself. We don't know if he's a "switch", or a "sub"... but I have no doubt many of the men who will buy this movie will wish they were in his position, and perhaps many women will wish they were the Mistress.

There's also a bit of comedy in this production, which we see when a man brings another Mistress a paddle. I'm not going to quote the line here, but if - or should I say when - you see the movie, you'll know what I mean. It's a line that definitely deserves a laugh, and breaks - in a good way - the erotic tension Meg, and we the viewer, are feeling.

One of the things I like the most about "Dreamscape" is its realism, and that's a tribute to the acting ability of Tasha Lee. She very convincingly portrays someone who is seeing her fantasies come to life for the first time... and then they go one step further by having Tasha EXPERIENCE what she has been just watching before. She sees a woman bound to a whipping post being punished... then she is the one being whipped. She sees a woman chained to a bench being paddled, then she is the one in that position, before we once again see the original women in these scenes.

However, if you think this movie is just ( a word I use loosely) about bondage and discipline, you would be sadly mistaken. For the scenes that bring the whole movie together for me involve spanking. (If you buy the DVD... they are scenes four and five... which I have almost worn out).

A completely naked Meg is being spanked, and given advice, by three different Mistresses. Each Mistress has her own style, and each has different advice to provide. They say things like the lines between pleasure and pain become blurred when you submit to another... they tell Meg she has never felt more alive than she does right now... or that her sensuality is coming alive... more so than it ever has before. The amazing thing about these scenes to me is the absolutely flawless editing. Meg is undergoing three different spankings, from three different Mistresses, which obviously had to be shot one at a time. Yet, the way they go from spanking to spanking, you would never know it. Especially when Meg has come to the end of her lesson, and the Mistresses are informing her of how far she has come. The main Mistress says " Now that you have learned to surrender control, you are now ready to take it". This bit of advice, as are all the bits of advice which follow, are puntuated by a sharp spank from each of the three Mistresses. This truly has to be seen to be believed, how well this was done. Bravo to the production company.

Having completed her journey, it is only natural Meg should now assume the superior role, and find out what it's like to give someone a spanking. This she does, with wonderful results. She is a quick learner! Of course, it helps that we viewers are given the visual treat of seeing Meg spank a beautiful woman, as the three Mistresses who trained her look on approvingly.

In my humble opinion, I think those chapters could, and should, be used as a blueprint for any woman who is considering "getting into" spanking. As stated, it's obvious Meg was receiving several true, real spankings, but the look of ecstasy on all four faces involved says it all. Of course, what would a DVD be without "extras". Let me assure you, the "extras" are also wonderful... especially the "more with Lady Guinevere and Tasha Lee". Shoot, that alone would have been worth the money I paid for this movie.

There are a number of reasons why people buy spanking movies. To be entertained, to be informed, to enjoy looking at beautiful women (or men), or because it may be the only way they can incorporate spanking into their lives. Regardless of your reason, or gender for that matter, you owe it to yourself to buy "Dreamscape", as it is one movie that "lives up to its hype". Buying "Dreamscape" will not only provide you with a great deal of viewing enjoyment while you're awake, it should also give you - ahem - "pleasant dreams".

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