Dressed for Punishment

39 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS - Posted 6/18/10

This film starts as a conventional teacher/student spanking, except the teacher, Mrs. Davis, latches onto a pretty pigtailed reddish-blond girl--we think her name is Gretel (or at least she looks like one), and works her bottom over a two-day period, in a confusing sequence not worth deciphering. The video box notes describe Gretel as being spanked at home as well as in the classroom, but it is Mrs. Davis doing the work in both locales, so it appears she took Gretel home with her, so fixated she was on her task.

Opening credits accompany the blonde dressing in full schoolgirl kit. Mrs. Davis confronts her in the classroom, searches her clothing, finds her carrying a boy's tie, and strips her down to blouse and blue knickers, her skirt tucked up. She is taken OTK and over a desk for brief handspankings as Davis picks at her clothes. Gretel has a saucy, smirky demeanor and doesn't take this punishment too seriously. She is sent out to fetch the cane and returns, sayng she was embarrassed to be seen in her knickers in the hallways, but she seems curious about the cane.

Mrs. Davis lays on six hard fast strokes on Gretel's blue knickers and leaves her, face to wall, to think. Gretel checks her bottom--the marks are ripe.

We cut to a bedroom scene--Gretel must be bunking in with Mrs. Davis, because she comes in and pulls down Gretel's pants to see the marks for herself. Gretel is spanked OTK, with a hairbrush, again hard and brief. Sniffles. Davis unbuttons the girl's blouse--she is down now to an undershirt and knickers. 6 more cane strokes on the pants, then down they come for a check. "Well, well, well." She likes what she sees.

Davis helps Gretel on with a nightshirt, a long T-shirt, and finally the knickers come off to stay. OTK on the bed again, and a bend-over, bare bottom, for more cane. 6 moderate snappy strokes. "No more, please." "I beg your pardon?" 6 more strokes, angry weals.

To conclude, there is a "Through the keyhole" segment, overdubbed with music, where we see the bedroom spankings and canings from different angles. It is abundantly clear Davis has a touch of sadistic interest in punishing Gretel.

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