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The Dressing Lesson

Unknown Production Company
Review by Anon-England

Editor's Note: The Dressing Lesson is available at It was released in the US by Bizarre video. Most likely, it is an old Kane vid that is no longer available.

Unusually, this film opens with the girl, Laura, already naked, her clothes piled on top of a typical 70's stereogram.

She is a very attractive, pale skinned blonde girl, genuinely pretty, with mid-length curvy hair styled to give it plenty of 'body'. And speaking of body, she is a trim girl, with the cutest breasts you are ever likely to see, clearly firm and perfectly shaped, but I digress!

Her 'guardian', a similarly slim Man, only a little older than the girl in reality, has been sent a letter from her school complaining about Laura's repeated lateness. She is already sporting a few tell-tale pink marks across her pale bottom, apparently from having been caned at school as a result.

She is made to dress herself, while being timed, and racing against the clock to complete the task. Needless to say she is far too slow, and is made to kneel in the armchair to suffer a single stroke of her guardian's cane. The exercise is then repeated, but this time she is timed for her ability to undress quickly, receiving the same penalty for her failure in this regard too.

When fully dressed, she is sporting a navy blue gymslip, with a white blouse beneath, white knickers, (the proper cotton type of course), white cotton socks and a pair of white pumps. She also has her school tie, which she always manages to avoid undoing fully, so as to save time presumably.

From the outset, she protests quite vigorously at the prospect of being caned. Her commitment to this protesting suggests that the marks she had at the start of the film may have come from a couple of 'example' strokes administered before the cameras rolled. While she appears to be taking part in the film of her own free will, she also gives the impression of having never been subject to this kind of cp before, and appears to be quite taken aback by the cane's sting.

After several dressing / undressing sessions, she is taken across the chap's knee for a spanking. It is not a particularly hard spanking, nor is it that intense, until you remember that each smack is landing on a bottom that has already had several cane strokes, whereupon you realise that it must be a good deal more painful than normal. This is supported by her enthusiastic kicking and struggling, as well as numerous attempts to put her hand in the way, none of which succeed.

The spanking over, she is made to dress and undress several more times, being given another stroke each time she is too slow. Alternate strokes are applied while she is naked, but even those applied while she is dressed are still on her bare bottom, her knickers having been lowered to her knees first.

As the film progresses, Laura's protests become more and more heartfelt, and there is a definite urge for the viewer to want to cuddle her and protect her from what is clearly a very upsetting experience for her!

Toward the end, it seems to become almost too much for her as she begins to argue and them plead for the punishment session to end. "Please don't hit me again" she says several times, through her sobs, but the session only finishes once she has attained the required speed. Even then though, she has to suffer a last stroke as, in her haste, she has dressed in a very untidy manner.

She is then made to strip off a final time and bend before the camera to show the bright red lines in contrast to her pale skin, before she is sent to bed. We then see her writhing on the bed, trying to rub the heat from her bottom, while continuing to sob and complain that "it hurts sooo much".

Laura is not actually given a very great number of strokes in this film, and the space between each is quite large, never-the-less she seems, by the end of the film, to be in genuine distress as a result. This opinion is compounded by the shrill scream that she let out after each stroke, a scream that would not be out of place on a 'Hammer House of Horror' film.

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