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Dr. Mengele

Dr.Mengele: Maximilian Lomp
Nazi Administrator: Jessica Lee
Nazi Administrator: Margot Elisabeth Drechsler aka (Black Lady)
Capo: Sissy Linkoczy
Cindy blu (40 lashes)
Cathy flaw (50 lashes)
Betty Ionescu (40 lashes)
Jenny Greschienko (27 lashes)
Linda Sandeno (50 cane strokes)
Susan Frack and girl in infirmary Anette Pavlovich.
Written and directed by Pedro.
Review by Jake Rod posted 12/17/10

This is the second movie of what I can call a "Nazi Series" that includes (Auschwitz, Gestapo I & II); brutal as anticipated from its name (Dr.Mengele) who was a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz concentration camp, for those who wants further info about Dr.Joseph Mengele:

The movie's plot is about 5 prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp, 4 of them will be subjected to severe punishment because of....well "no reason" except for Cathy (second victim) who had deserved her punishment because of her disobedience. Black Lady, starts the inmates day with humiliation, she run a stupid contest of the biggest breast and pussy, Cathy as expected won the biggest breast contest, for the biggest pussy....well you have to find out by yourself; then comes Lady Jessica who had different interests with the inmates, she was looking for a maid eventually she chose Jenny Greschienko a stunning black hair beauty.

Next Morning at the infirmary, Dr.Mengele, ruthless but also compassionate examines one of the inmates –naked examination of course-, poor girl they took her medication away, that must have broke Dr.Mengele who gave his word to take proper action to get her medication back. Jenny was serving Lady Jessica at her room, out of mere "sympathy" which is a very rare moment for Lady Jessica, she gave her maid a piece of bread, but Jenny is going to regret taking the bread so badly later. Now the real face of Dr.Mengele is about to be seen, he is going to choose a "Capo" from among the inmates, the Capo main task is to maintain order inside the barracks. The choice fell on Cathy Flaw and why not she was the tallest and the winner of the Black Lady biggest breast might say luck Cathy actually it was exactly the opposite. Cathy now has to witness the torture of her oldest friend (Cindy Blu) a former inmate at Auschwitz. By the order of once merciful Dr.Mengele, she took her clothes off and was tied to the beds. As Cathy was told to stand in front of her, Cindy looked disturbed, of course she would, she was at Auschwitz before and she knows what punishment really about!

With the very first Cat O'nine stroke, it appeared that Cindy is going to have a very hard time, as lashes kept coming wheals started to be visible on Cindy's beautiful tanned back while her friend Cathy stood there watching with bitterness but there was nothing she could do. After 40 lashes, now it is the Capo turn, Cathy has to strike her oldest friend 10 more times, Cindy yelling at her to obey the command since she knows what disobedience can entail but Cathy (supposedly the Capo) just couldn't do it. Now the consequences, 50 whips are going to be administered, looking solid at first but by the second stroke her cries were loudly heard, the last ten were the hardest on her as she was begging the Captain –in Hungarian of course- The Captain did care at all as lashes kept coming. By the last stroke, Cathy's back, butt and upper-right arm were lined with black marks; a new Capo was immediately chosen "Sissy Linkoczy" poor Cathy, she got additional whipping by her successor –imaginary scene-

A Few Days Later. Animosity between Jessica and Margo (Black Lady) was very clear since day1, as Jessica was trying to seduce the Doctor at his office, suddenly Margo steps in with 2 inmates (Betty Ionescu and Jenny Greschienko) accused of stealing bread. We all know that it was Lady Jessica who gave Jenny the bread but she denied it, accusing Jenny with lying and called for whipping the thieves!!!!!. To make things even worse The Captain decided to punish them by himself. First to start with betty Ionescu, tied to a cross-like wooden frame, she is going to get 40 lashes using the formal punishing instrument –Cat O'nine Whip-. Betty back and butt were severely whipped, she collapsed several times and she got unable to count the stroke after the 28th one. With a miracle she survived without passing came Jenny, who I guess was supposed to take 40 strokes as well but she ended up with only 27, I don't know if there was a psychological factor behind the fast collapse of Jenny, may being second after Betty and watching Betty's suffering did have a lot to do with it. Crying, screaming and yelling in Hungarian, Mr.Lomp kept doing what he can do the best while her accomplice was sitting their on the floor facing the wall checking her whipping marks however Jenny's mad screaming brought her attention couple times, I die to know with what was she(Betty) thinking at that moment? The 27th was the last one, Jenny was hysterically in pain, scratching the wood with her nails nodding a NO to Max, the whipping was over. Dr.Mengele announced them incapacitated for not withstanding the punishment, they were both sent to gas chamber....! What about poor Betty, she bravely withstand her punishment why then the gas chamber? That is unfair. Later, Sissy Linkoczy (The Capo) led the inmates to the infirmary, all naked they were examined by the Doctor. Here is the examination report. Cindy, a tanned beauty nice boobs with sexy buffed out nipples; effects: severe lash marks on her arm and back..... Second girl in line, Susan Frack , definitely has the most beautiful breast in the world, just waiting to be lashed. Here comes Linda Sandeno, an absolute beauty and a good cook! but soon she is going to regret being what she is. Last Cathy Flaw, beautiful, big boobs; effects: severe lash marks on the back and butt. Good news they were all capacitated –but not for along time-

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Jessica and Margo felt the threat of Linda, decided to take order to make her incapacitated and so sent to gas chamber they are going to cane her 50 strokes. Tied to an inclined wooden table, Margo was the first to start, 25 strokes was administered, by time Linda's butt turned to red and marks started to become more and more vivid, you can even see her pussy lips opened from behind; and now it is Jessica's turn to use her favorite tool to administer the remaining 25 strokes. Jessica was harsher than Margo, by the end of the torture Linda's back was so sweaty it even looked like someone has oiled it or something........well that is the power of the cane.

Best scene
Betty Ionsecu, 40 lashes was the best, besides being Betty a beauty, the pose was perfect for back whipping, arms were extended to the max with the back slightly inclined making the butt and the upper back in perfect position for the lash to strike and those were the precise spots that Mr.Lomp targeted....professional. Betty interaction was great, the natural reaction of her straining the rope in her arms out of pain came out very nice and genuine; although she screamed her lung out most of the time but she didn't ruin the scene as what happened with Jenny instead she made it more vivid.

Thumb Up
The Intro Music was a nice touch; I guess it was Beethoven, was he? The introduction scenes were good, although they didn't contain any beating or spanking, but they were sufficiently erotic and they well introduced you to the atmosphere of the movie. The casting as more than great, all girls were beautiful with perfect bodies for a whipping movie. I still can't decide who was the most beautiful among them yet Maximilian made his mind he chose Linda....did you fuck her Max? Dr. Mengele, so similar to Judicial Punishment, can be put as one of the best back whipping movies; the last caning scene was a good touch to add variety to the content, good plot, excellent casting. I guess Dr.Mengele along with Judicial Punishment are the best ever back whipping movies.

Thumb Down
The subtitle or May I say the translation was very poor. I don't mean I can understand Hungarian but there was a lot of talking that was not translated, specially in Jenny's punishing scene, she was yelling in Hungarian without any translation, also at Cathy's whipping scene too she was talking to Max again no translation?!. If it was something that Mood Pictures didn't want us to hear may be they should have deleted the scene thought that would be really disappointed, but they kept the scenes with no translation. Only the Hungarian fans can understand so I guess for the rest they have to learn Hungarian. This is not really a Thumb Down, but I would have wish to see Cathy get a frontal whipping, with such boobs and belly, frontal whipping would be interesting; and of course Susan Frack too, such beautiful breast can't be left behind.

Cindy Blu

Betty Ionsecu

Susan Frack

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