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Dr. Soma's Painful RX

year: 2009
48 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/4/10

We were disappointed with this American BJ Frazier production, released apparently in 2009. Dr. Soma, a red-haired dominatrix-type therapist, gives spankings to female patients to solve their problems, a not-so-novel plot line which permits serial spankings.

The first girl today is a butchy brunette who bursts in without an appointment. Something is missing in the relationship with her boyfriend, and a spanking is Dr. Soma's Rx. Off with her shirt--no bra; the clunky unfeminine clothes she wears turn out to be her boyfriend's, including his undershorts, so off with all of them. The doctor jams those shorts in her mouth and starts spanking her kneeling on the couch, knees wide.

Her mouth free, she blurts out: "I think of you when my boyfriend is fucking me." Some studded paddle--mild. She is maneuvered into the diaper position on a hassock for a mild strapping. A lot of silly domination talk and crocodile tears. Kneeling on the floor bent over the hassock, a little wood paddle could sting if it were used properly. And last the cane, touching toes, a crying face. "Did you let it all go?" We didn't. Dr. Soma spreads herself for some oral sex.

The next client, with an appointment, is a slightly chunky redhead who knows the office drill. She quickly undresses partway and goes OTK, beige panties down for a silly handspanking and a bend-over strapping. Kneeling on the couch for an impressive wood paddle with holes, which would be exciting in different hands. Another exciting firecracker not lit--a long-handled hairbrush, one of the more menacing implements you will see, but nada.

Lastly a huge cane, a real weapon, even moderate strokes cause welts, and the intemperate Dr. Soma works on the thighs. She gets more oral sex before this interruption concludes.

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