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Produced by Diseno Media HPS ( (2005)
Directed and Written by Peter Schuber
Starring Nina, Sandra, Peter, and Dominika
Foreign language with subtitles
Running Time 60+ minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

Drug Patrol opens with a scenic view of a European city, I'm guessing in Germany. It almost reminds me of an intro to a show on the Travel Channel. Then a siren comes on with a blue flashing light. It was actually a neat little effect. Anyway, once the scenic sweep is finished, we are brought inside the police station where Officer Peter is reading the funnies. He is interrupted from his afternoon reading by Dominika who informs him that a wanted drug dealer named Michelle Karasek is down at the park for a deal. He is none to pleased that the deal is going down in a playground and dons his hat and coat to respond to the scene. Once at the park, the pair hide behind some trees as their informant talks to 2 girls. Once he leaves, the two officers spring into action. The apprehend the 2 girls, handcuff them, and bring them back to the police station for questioning.

Once at the police station, the short haired girl, assumed to be Michelle, is ordered to remove all her clothes. The officers search her clothes and give her a pat down only to find nothing. She is allowed to put her clothes back on, but told not to put her panties on. The blonde is next to be searched. She removes her clothes and is searched like Michelle. Nothing is found on her either. She is then allowed to put all of her clothing back on. Michelle is brought to a cell so the blonde can be interrogated.

At first, the blonde does not answer questions as she is a Czech and does not understand Peter's questions. Luckily, Dominika speaks Czech and translates for him. We learn that her name is Jana and that she insists she knows nothing about the drug deal. I have to say, this police department needs some serious upgrading as Peter has to use a typewriter to fill out her form. Someone get them a government grant so they can have some computers. As Jana insists she knows nothing, Peter grows agitated and points the small desk lamp at her. Needless to say, that doesn't work, so he decides more drastic measures are needed.

Jana is brought to a padded bench where she is fitted with wrist and ankle restraints. She is placed face down on the bench with a pillow underneath her stomach. Once the restrains are secured, Peter lifts Jana's jean skirt and cuts her panties off with a pair of scissors. Peter insists that this form of "lie detector" will work. He retrieves a cane and begins to strike her bare bottom. Bright red lines form immediately. Despite the obvious pain this is causing her, she still refuses to talk. Even after twelve strokes. So, the officers prepare a spray bottle with salt water in it to...well...add salt to the wound. Peter sprays her lined bottom with the salt water and administers another twelve strokes. Finally, after several more sprays and a healthy heaping of strokes, she finally talks. She says that Michelle has the drugs up her ass. Outstanding.

After being freed from the bench, Jana is brought to a cell. Michelle is then brought to the interrogation room where she is made to strip once again. They questions her and she insists that she doesn't have any drugs. So, the officers bring Michelle to the bench and secure her wrists while she is in the seated position. After giving her one more chance to talk, they grab her legs and flip them over her head where they are secured to two posts. Needless to say, all of Michelle's goods are on display like the meat case at your local supermarket. Peter uses a wooden spoon on her bottom, which leaves deep marks almost immediately. She refuses to talk. He strikes her anus with the spoon, which has no effect on her willingness to divulge any information. With the information that Jana gave them, Peter and Dominika arm themselves with an enema set up and proceed to administer it to Michelle.

Once the enema is administered, Michelle is rushed the toilet where we wait for her to..ah...produce the goods. once she is finished, Dominika has the pleasure of fishing through the...well you retrieve the hidden package. She comments that this is a "crappy job". It certainly is. After getting cleaned up, Michelle is returned to the interrogation room where she is secured face down on the bench. Now refusing to divulge her supplier or buyer she must be given the cane as Jana was. This girl can take quite a bit as she is given countless strokes causing her skin to break. Even the spraying of the salt water won't make her talk. Peter finally has enough and switches to this thick cane that can only be compared to a broom stick. After a few whacks with that and some loud screams, Michelle finally agrees to tell them everything they want to know. The film ends with Peter commenting on what a great job he has.

This was yet another outstanding production from Pain4Fem. I really enjoy how they try and use as many small details as possible. From the uniforms to the city scan at the opening not much is missed. And of course, the punishments are severe and lengthy. The quality of the DVD is excellent and it even includes extras like screen shots and trailers from other films.

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