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Dry Run

50 minutes
year: 2000
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/1/08

One of the best-produced spanking productions we've seen from CalStar---good lighting, consistent sound, clean seques, very nice sets, and lovely angles on two pretty bottoms, handled by a camerman who knows exactly the purpose of the shoot. Close to perfect---some humor, the usual naughty repartee, and effective spanking.

The "caning competion" theme has produced some classic stories, where girls must pit their pain thresholds against their pride to win a contest. We are the winners. Our favorite caner "Brian" performs here, as a gentleman farmer who employs dainty lady farmhands. It seems his village is about to have it annual female bare-bottom caning competition at its festival and he is going to induce his two girls to perform. The girls, redhead Vanessa and brunette Lindsay, are seen mucking barn stalls (complete with squawking chickens on the soundtrack), goofing off, and discussing better, higher-paying jobs. Brian arrives, is displeased with their sloth, but manages to negotiate their participation in the competition caning for higher wages and bonuses--50 pounds if they win. but we'll need a "dry run," to see if they can take the punishment. Clean up and report to the library, if you please.

In the library--looks like a real one, Brian shows the girls his implements, as he always does. Vanessa must bend over first, for a warm-up paddling on her jodpurs, with a small leather flexible tear-drop shaped paddle we've seen sting many a bottom. "Will it hurt?" "A little bit, in fact, a lot." Brian is determined to get his money's worth, which he always achieves. "Pull your jodpurs down." Red thong, nice pinkened cheeks. Brian keeps up his verbal teasing, his style. The girls now are horrified when they hear they must bare their bottoms before the crowd at the fair. Brian: "It hurts more that way."

Lindsay is paddled next and must remove her jeans first, showing black panties. "Let's see what you can take." Then she lowers her panties for the first caning. Brian lays on about 10 snappy strokes. Vanessa is called forth for about 10 strokes, having lowered her irrelevant red thong. Lindsay faces us as she watches, proud of her trim little mohawk, which she will flash on parade for us at every opportunity.

The girls now switch places as commanded for sets of strokes. They check the camera now and the. Brian fondles and marvels at the developing welts. Sets of roughly 15, 25,and 25 follow. Probably some repeats, but the filming is more seamless in this year 2000, and who cares. At one point Vanessa says, "This competition's obscene. Who thought it up?" Sexy little gasps from the stoic girls, lovely unhappy faces. A marvelous exercise. Brian is proud of his potential champions. Vanessa shields her modesty as best she can.

Both girls are positioned side-by-side, bottoms on parade. Brian sums it up: "A delightful sight." He then canes both of them in alternate sets, about 30 more each, the last half-dozen reallly of Rigid East quality. "We could go on like this all day, couldn't we?" "Oh, no, no."

The girls are finished. They painfully dress. We presume they're going to have some time off before they climb the stairs of the festival stage. Is there a fund somewhere to develop the obvious sequel to this story?

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