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Dr. Zubatski's Treatment X

22 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/9/10

We are encouraged by the opening credits, mentions of SfP (Spanking For Pleasure), Paradox, and Tallion, producers of CP videos we have always enjoyed. This one is just too brief and did not quite inflate, albeit the premise was erotic and full of potential.

Roger's wife Gina is on pyschiatric medication because of too much sexual fantasy (We didn't know this was possible.). Their Dr. Zubatski has apparently proposed an alternative treatment if all else fails. Roger is played by an actor we think is John North, a discriminating spanker of the female bottom. He leaves his wife for work and admonishes her to behave. "Remember what Dr. Zubatski said, no sexual fantasizing."

When he returns, Gina, a thin attractive blonde, is still in her robe, and he begins handspanking on her black satin panties, the kind of knickers designed to be pulled down. She wears a nightie top, garters, and stockings. She struggles when Roger rolls down her panties. It is very sexy, but the spanking is mild and her cries are crocodile-quality. Some ringing whacks right here would have done well.

Treatment X seems to be applied over time. We see Gina weeding in the garden, in blouse and jeans. Roger points out weeds to pull, using a riding crop. "What is that for?" "Phase 2." Inside, Roger announces some "tradtional OTK," jeans down, along the couch. Gina arches her bottom high, the black panties are down again, good closeups, and Roger does some fondling, but that is all. No consummation here, no riding crop. Was there a sequel?

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