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Ed Lee Spanks Katie, Marlo, and Shirley

Nu West NW-210
36 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 6/13/08

An often repeated formula at Nu West, 3 girls are spanked over Ed Lee's knee, and we watch their travails from several angles in repeats. Nothing really novel here, but Nu West never disappoints, and anytime you can get Katie's pants down, you're a winner.

Katie was Nu West's bonde ingenue, who played many roles, dominant and submissive. Here she is in riding habit and jodpurs. Marlo, another blonde, wears a white mini skirt. And Shirley is a brunette in a tiny red skirt. The girls are spanked in sequence: first all three on their clothes, then on panties, and last on the bare. We watch the 3-part sequence, first from the rear, then face-on the unhappy girls, and finally a left oblique of the set, bottom closest.

Katie is spanked hard on her slacks for about 1 minute; when she returns she pulls her slacks down to show schoolgirl-type conservative blue panties for another hard minute; when we rotate to Katie again, she pulls her panties down herself. This is simply one of the sweetest bottoms in the genre, carried only in a way Katie can do.

Marlo is spanked in the same way. Her panties are of the black lace-trimmed variety. Shirley wears skimpy red pants, somehow increasing your desire to see them come down. She flashes some pubic hair for the face-camera. There is a fourth view, from overhead, of the bare-bottom segment only, during which we see the other girls cornered, pants at their knees. Nu West tweaks every fantasy.

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