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The Eighth Commandment

Staring: Zdenka Bachová playing Svtlana, the sister
Eva Šulistová playing Milena, the sister
Pavel Štŕstny playing Frantiek, the uncle
Jan Tart playing Robert, the doctor
Running Time: approximately 45 minutes
Review by Katrina

Let's be honest with each other for a moment. Who among us has faked an illness to get out of something that you know will not be good? Raise your hands. Come on now. Let's see them. (I have my hand up.) My consequences were far less severe that the two girls shown in this film. If I had done to me what happened here, I probably would never have done it again.

The film starts out when the two sisters, living with their uncle, return home from school at 9:20 and get undressed for bed. They have decided to fake an illness to avoid an examination at school. They did not study. They know that they would fail the examination. A feigned illness may be forgiven, but a failed examination would be with their record for ever more and could never be expunged from their record. (By the way, the ladies have a nice figure.) Shortly, you also discover something new to Lupus. This is the first time that they are vocalizing the thoughts of the girls. Overall, there is little dialog. A major portion of the dialog is the thoughts of the eldest sister, Svtlana.

Once the two have slipped back into bed, they are joined by their Uncle, the town minister, who has just returned from a funeral. He enquires why they are still here and is informed that both of the sisters are ill. Both sisters? At the same time? That is strange. There must be something wrong so he summons the doctor to find the problem. He recommends that they stay in bed and not eat anything while he tends to the final arrangements for the funeral. When he leaves, the two sisters congratulate each other over their ability to fool their uncle and celebrate the event with a bit of chocolate.

When the uncle returns, he enquires how the two are feeling. "Better" (after the chocolate) is their response. "That's good. The doctor will be here shortly", the uncle tells them. Now the two sisters are in trouble. They did not count on their uncle calling the doctor. They had over-acted the situation for surly the doctor will determine that they are not ill. If their uncle finds out that they are not ill then things will be far worse.

When the doctor arrives from the urgent summons, he starts an examination. Svtlana complains of a general malaise while Milena complains of her head and stomach. The problems have been since yesterday, when the two went swimming. Could it be a water-borne infestation or sunstroke? Do the girls have a fever? Unfortunately, since the uncle was so upset, the doctor brought the pediatric bag and that had the wrong type of thermometer. How embarrassing! "Lie on your stomach and pull down your pants," the doctor requests while he lubes up thermometer to be inserted into the girl's rectum. Lifting the bedding, and pulling down the pants to below the knees, he starts to lube Svtlana's rectum and inserts the thermometer. The temperature is normal. Doing the same to Milena, she has the same results.

The doctor continues the examination with Svtlana who is still complaining of feeling weak while her head and joints hurt. Milena's complaint is now stomach and lungs? The doctor begins to examine the now topless Svtlana with his stethoscope. Her heart is strong and lungs are clear. She peels down the pants so that the doctor may examine her abdomen. Milena's turn shows the same results. Both sisters are healthy. The doctor suspects that the two girls are faking and asks to talk to the uncle outside.

Outside, the doctor tells the uncle that the two girls are healthy. The uncle suspected that; especially since the girls' teacher called and told him of the test. They decide teach the two a lesson in faking illness. The solution is spelled with a five letter word ENEMA. They will be sorry for faking.

When they return to the girls, the doctor informs them that they are suffering from rare stomach flu. The solution is two clysmas (enemas); the first for cleansing and the second for the medication while he extracts the one enema bag from his case. The doctor has only one bag; the uncle obtains a second bag to help things along.

Milena is the first. She gets up on her knees, bottom sticking up, and cheeks spread wide. While they fill the bag with about 1/2 quart of lukewarm water, Milena complains about having to receive an enema. She has received several over the years and has grown to hate them. That does not help her. Her uncle is insistent that she follow the doctor's orders and take the enema. The doctor inserts the nozzle, with all of the graphic detail fully shown and undoes the clip on the hose. The water bag begins to drain and Milena's face starts to show her discomfort as two more quarts are added to the bag. When the bag's contents are emptied, she is told to hold the water for five minutes in order to cleanse her intestine. It is about ten seconds later that she claims that she can not retain the water any longer, but still must do it.

Svtlana's turn is next. She is treated to the same condition, pants removed, on her knees, bottom up, and cheeks spread widely. After filling the cup, the doctor excuses Milena who can't hobble off to the toilet, hose still attached to her bottom and carrying it like a long tail. The nozzle is properly lubed along with her anus. Then they run into difficulty. Svtlana has not had an enema. She tenses up and the doctor can not insert the nozzle. The solution is obvious; he lubes her inner sphincter muscle by inserting his finger deeply into her anus; following that, he is able to insert the nozzle with ease. She, too, gets the 2.5 quarts of lukewarm water. She complains about real pains in her stomach at this point. When all of the water has left the tank the doctor and uncle being to make small talk. Svtlana is not interested in small talk. She wants to evacuate her colon. By the time that she starts to make a trip to the bathroom, she finds that she must wait for her sister to complete. That is almost too much. Eventually, Milena and Svtlana exchange places.

Upon returning to the bedroom, Milena discovers that she is to receive a second enema. The first one was only meant to cleanse the colon. The second is to include the medication. That is too much as she makes a break for the door.

Her uncle grabs her, and while she fights to escape, he drags her back to her bed and turns her over his knee. What follows is the first of two hand spankings. She has no pants and is naked from the waist down. Her uncle does an excellent job of reddening her bottom with his hand as she struggles to avoid the stinging pain on her bottom to match the cramps in her belly.

Resolving to accept the second enema, it is repeated similarly as the first. There is little different to the second enema. She gets up on her knees, spreads her now red cheeks and the nozzle is inserted. The bag empties its 2 quarts of liquid into her intestines.

By now, Svtlana returns and Milena is again released to expel the water. Svtlana is also to receive a second enema. But rather than physically flee as Milena did, she curses the doctor in response. With that, her uncle pulls her out of bed and over his knee. In about ten seconds, her bottom is now quite red by her uncle's hard right hand. The spanking is hard and fast. It does not take but a moment to have her cry out an apology. Soon, her sore, red bottom is sticking straight up in the air while she is on her knees. And, again the enema nozzle is inserted. This time, her bottom is as relaxed as possible given that it is now flushed red.

When the enemas are over, the doctor is released and the girls confess their deceit to their uncle. Their uncle can forgive them for their sin, but must punish them for lying. While begging for mercy, their uncle quotes scripture. With that, he sends them to retrieve the cane from the other room.

The girls bring back the rattan cane and offer it to their uncle. They assume position leaning over the end of the bed, bottoms sticking out. Their uncle tells them no, he wants them on the bed. At first the girls lie prone on the bed on their stomach. This is still not correct; he wants them to lie on their backs.

The girls turn over. Her uncle quotes scripture while Svtlana's lifts her legs. Her uncle and holds them over her head. At that point, he starts to bring the cane down on her upturned bottom and the back to thighs. She starts to scream and wiggle. But, the wiggle does not help since the uncle is holding her feet up. All that she can do is lie there and take the beating and scream. In short order, her thighs are a mess of deep bruised lines from the cane. The thighs take the worse of the caning. Yes, her bottom is hit. Yes, there are deep lines on her bottom. However, the thighs have marks from the magic little crease at the end of the bottom to their mid point. Frankly, they are a mess.

Milena is next. She receives the same treatment as her sister. Fair is fair. Both girls did the deed. Both girls get the same punishment. Both girls screamed. Both girls received the same level of damage to the back of their legs. Both are now sorry for having faked an illness.

When complete, their uncle tells them to get dressed and he will wait by the automobile to take them back to school for their examination. It would have been simpler for the two to just have taken the examination, but then, it would not have been a great spanking movie for the rest of us.

Lupus tries to experiment into new areas with each film. This one is unique for them. This is the first time that they have used an enema as a punishment or source of correction. I suppose that the medical purposes of an enema can be questioned, but the cramping and internal discomfort should not be underestimated.

I liked the film for the story line. As a pure spanking film, this is probably not as good as others of their catalog. It is not meant to be a spanking only video. The spanking scenes are relatively short, but intense. This is a good film if an enema is of interest to you. The purpose of this movie is not the hand spanking or caning sequences; it is the medical examination and the resulting enema. Then there are the girls. It never ceases to amaze me how Lupus is able to find such lovely ladies.

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