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Eleanor's Caning

Nu West NWV-356
11 minutes
Review by MARS posted on 12/31/10

NW staffer Julia Jameson, fearsome Domme and wonderful spankee in her day, who knows every little nerve ending on the female buttocks, plays a mother who is pushed over the edge by her daughter Eleanor, who she pulls from bed to face the cane for a variety of infractions.

"Young lady, remove your panties and bend over the chair." Nobody ever accused Ms. Jameson of being an actress, but she can wield the cane with the best of them.

Eleanor borrowed and crashed her mother's car. Over the chair, pants down, nightie out of the way, for about 8 very fast strokes, repeated again from a different angle and edited to present continuous caning, a format to be used for each set of cane strokes described below.

Eleanor is put nose-in-corner, pants down, but the camera is too far away for us to appreciate the detail.

To the chair again, this time for nude sunbathing in public. About 8 more strokes, again repeated. Marks are developing. Back to the corner.

Another set, for getting drunk, about 8 strokes, rapid-fire, with the repeats edited in for continuity.

The fourth set, 6 or 7 strokes, for smoking marijuana. Eleanor's bottom is showing wear and tear.

And the last set, for shoplifting, maybe as many as 10 strokes. Eleanor has reached her limit and can't hold herself still any more.

A trifle compared to many entertaining Nu West films. Solid caning. NW's marketing notes suggest Eleanor might be an amateur model. She didn[t sit for a while after this effort. Qw recall founder Ed Lee explaining how he would spank or cane civilians on film at their request.

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