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Embassy Wives

Anonymous Guest Review posted 12/12/08

Now this is what I call "value for money". It's from the Nu-West label and is called "Embassy Wives". For those who don't know, Nu-West are one of the longest established suppliers of spanking movies and have a huge backlog going back over 20 years.

Unfortunately, they're quite expensive eg about $50 per movie. Also, they often supply the minimum amount of info on each move and only in the last year offerred the facility to download but still at the high price.

Embassy Wives features 4 extremely spankable ladies. As the name suggests, all 4 are wives of the ambassadors of various foreign countries who are based in an Islamic country. As we know their rules and regulations are qite different to those in the Western World.

There is a "self-appointed" head wife who, we never get to find out why, is responsible for discipline. She has a heavy German accent which adds to the authenticity. Blonde and very attractive, I'd hoped she would get her come- uppance, but sadly no.

First up is the wife of the American ambassador. Slim and sexy with dark curly hair, she is wearing a navy blue dress. Standing like a naughty schoolgirl in front of the head with her hands clasped behind her, she's reminded of her misdemeanors.

Apparently, she's been seen getting drunk in public and worse, fornicating with men! She's told that despite her age, she's acted like a schoolgirl and will be treated like one. She's going to be spanked. Glancing around and hoping it won't be witnessed, she soon finds herself across the other woman's knee. Her dress comes up, her pantyhose pulled down followed in quick succession by her white panties. Picking up a paddle, the blonde soon starts to give a severe spanking which has the other woman wriggling, kicking and promising to change her ways. After a good five minutes, crying and rubbing her eyes she's allowed to go.

Next up is the French ambassador's wife, also dark haired. Wearing a blue dress and expensive pearl necklace. She's accused of gossiping and replies in French. She's quickly scolded and told to speak in English. Her punishment is similar ie dress up, pantyhose and panties down and left crying.

Third is the English ambassador's wife. She is accused of discussing the nuclear problem. When she should have been "supporting her husband". Blonde and very sexy, nevertheless she finds herself draped over the German woman's knee. Despite similar punishment, she makes little fuss and is told she'll be back for more.

Finally, we have what turns out to be the daughter of the woman carrying out the spanking. Wearing a tight green T shirt and the sexiest of pink shorts, she's accused of drinking, enjoying herself at parties, etc, instead of supporting her husband. Standing quite provocatively while her mother lambasts her, she shakes her head from side to side dismissively as she's told what to expect.

"THose shorts are 6 sizes too small", her mother says, "You've been away from me too long.

Despite her protests the blonde daughter is soon across her knee, her pink shorts wrestled down followed by her brief blue panties. She then receives the hardest paddling of them all which leaves her crying and rubbing her throbbing rear.

Let's see more like this I say.

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