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Emma's Schooldays 2

Guest Review by an anonymous reviewer posted on 1/23/09

Starring the lovely Emma Brown in this SF&R Schooldays Classic.

As ever it`s the misdemeanour then straight to the discipline, so the viewer gets to see exactly what they pay for - the corporal punishment, which is once again traditional English school.

Emma is chastised, verbally as well as physically, for a variety of offences from arriving late for school, cheating, smoking, drinking, not producing homework, etc, etc.

She gets her pert bottom soundly walloped with the hand otk and with slipper and cane bent over. I particularly liked the close-up 10 stroke caning over her bum-hugging pin-striped trousers and the atmospheric run-up caning, although all the scenes are good.

Features: 10 misdemeanour scenes - 10 different CP scenes - 6 canings on bottom - 2 otk hand spankings - 2 slipperings.

DVD: 15 - Download 14 - good value!

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