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Employment Welts

38 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/9/09

Some old-fashioned ageplay, an older property owner discovers his young would-be gardener Michelle has let her visa expire. You'd think she would know what these British guys always do when that is discovered, a private-sector form of immigration reform. Their noisy outdoor discussion is taken inside. The Owner: "You shouldn't be working then....I've got to cut corners...I'll explain the cooperation I need."

What he wants of course are some "perks," which means-and he doesn't hesitate: "a little bit of spanking," which he calls "fun." Michelle, tall, cute brunette pageboy in a low-cut blouse, is not so sure. "I don't want to be showing my body to anyone." Left to contemplate her dilemma, she accepts her fate.

"Take your jeans off." Sweet little black lace panties. "Take your shirt off." A black bra is working full time. OTK, he starts a slow handspanking. Michelle spreads her legs wide to keep balance. Long legs, touch toes to the floor. The landowner-spanker is an older guy, grey hair, shirt, and necktie. Michelle kneels on the floor, then removes her knickers. Back OTK, legs splayed--everyone fully aware of the view. The Owner: "I use this apartment as an office....and for other understand."

Michelle faces us, just in a bra, tawny little fuzz. The bra comes off-quite a lady. Hands on head, helpless and naked. The Owner runs his finger between her legs and fondles her breasts. "You're understanding me quite well." Over an arm of the couch for a hard slippering--very sexy pose as she bends over, nude.

The Owner uses a heavy tawse--right, left, up, and down, hard and fierce. We saw this pattern suggested once on how to roller-paint a wall. Michelle gasps. The oval paddle is next, then "the ultimate correction toy....10 strokes, maybe 20." This is the cane, and actually about 30 strokes are on film. Michelle is in tears halfway through and is a delight to behold, from the various angles shown.

She'll garden, and this will happen about once a week. Good thing her job is mostly on her feet.

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