End of Term Report

2004 M/f
32 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS - Posted 12/11/09

Another high velocity schoolgirl drama from this company, a Moonglow offshoot, demonstrating that the girls who are going to be punished are in fact SOL. Laura, a very young looking brunette in white blouse and spiffy red plaited uniform skirt fidgets alone, anxiously awaits her fate, indicated by a paddle and cane laying across the two antique-looking straight chairs in front of her.

Her male antagonist enters and requires Laura to stand up straddling on the two chairs, skirt up, and panties off. Naked below the waist, she turns for a complete view for us, up on the chairs. She is very vulnerable as she straddles the chairs and bends forward over their backs to hang onto a table edge, her legs wide-spread and her bottom tight, wide-open, and in the face of the male, a rather pornographic pose. She first takes 8 cane strokes in this posture, with no flexibility to move under the strikes. Then Laura is paddled, legs even wider, with a hard leather ping-pong sized instrument. She is crying and quivering in this trapped position, hanging on to keep from falling, her bare bottom flying high.

Laura is given a moment to rub; we contemplate her sad miserable face. Next phase--stylish skirt off, over a table, legs even wider, naughty camera angle frm the floor, 15 with the cane. She squeals and cries with conviction.

The school administrator asks for her blouse now. She is down to a small bra--a boyish schoolgirl body. She is humiliated. "I'm...I'm eighteen years old." Back over the table in just the skimpy bra for about 20 cane strokes, legs 2' wide, low camera, some strokes fully on the thighs. Excellent shots of a forlorn face of a girl who wishes she were somewhere else.

Next--this is quite unusual in British schoolgirl canings: a few "across the back of your legs," fully another dozen, the last 6 very fast and severe, she is twisting and turning. The instructor concludes with some stinging handslaps on her stripes. She wails and jumps.

Laura's desperate promises of academic improvement just don't resonate with the instructor, so he gives her a surprising 15 more cane strokes. To conclude, she is cornered bare bottom for 15 minutes (condensed). Her session concludes with some hard handslaps while she faces us, shaved bald. She gathers her clothes and hurries off with a "Thank you, sir."

SOL packs its film time with intense spanking and intimate exposure. No punches are pulled.

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