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English Beauty 2

year: 2001
8 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/10/10

Another brief episode in a series of vignettes where actor Michael Dawes deals with actress Mellisa Walker, playing his Pamela Anderson-like wife Melanie, for her numerous indiscretions, and in the way he knows better than anybody. Here, she is caught with her "boyfriend's" car outside, and she is wearing almost nothing. He must be hiding somewhere.

"You're going across my knee for a good smacked bottom." She goes OTK across the intersection of CalStar's white sectional couch, a place of Champions. Micro skirt up, her tiny white thong doesn't last long. Her dancer's bottom positively soars in Michael's lap, almost in his face. Looking at her, you could easily argue that a bit of misbehavior now and then might be worth it. He spanks slowly and selectively, zap this spot, that spot, this thigh or that. A brief, textbook spanking.

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