English Governess 2

Guest Review by "Big Slipper"

Fullforce Productions now offer a genuine community of sites for the F/M enthusiast and each one is professionally branded, positioned and designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes. You can chose from sites offering scantily clad glamour models wielding the cane through to old-style schoolroom discipline....this is clearly a web site company going places.

The English Governess follows the traditional route with the main female model, Miss Bainbridge, dressed in a conservative style and using classic instuments like the school cane and the birch.

The majority of the photo stories hit the bullseye. Fullforce have chosen a thoroughly convincing lady to act as their female authority figure and they are quite skilled at letting the story unfold with plenty of scene setting-shots, facial reactions and some well thought through props to build-up the background.

However, some of the photo sets can be a touch repetitive with pictures of the cane hitting home from pretty much the same angle and whole groups of OTK shots blending into each other.

Once in a while the settings are also a bit unconvincing with the spankings carried out in someone's expensive, modern kitchen - hardly the sort of place one would expect a true Governess to chastise her miscreants!

The costumes also go 'walkabout' every so often with the male subs wearing something stupid like a pair of Adidas or Nike trainers or underpants that don't exactly evoke a bygone age of rigid discipline and regulation clothing.

The site also sometimes features a young lady in her early twenties (acting out the role of Miss Bainbridge's assistant) and these sets flop badly beacuse the girl looks clueless in a F/M discipline setting and frankly just gets in the way...thankfully she is not a regular model and seems to be used in the odd supporting role.

The video clips support the photo stories and are nicely packaged-up in bite size files - long enough for the story to develop but not so huge to prevent the dial-up user from enjoying the site. The sound quality and lighting is usually first class as well.

Where this site really excels is in the choice of model. Miss Bainbridge is just about right age-wise as she is an attractive but naturally severe looking lady in her mid-thirties. She also has a nice turn of phrase, clipped English accent as well as a sharp, scolding tongue.

The fact that Miss B knows how to use her implements is also a really big plus because so many F/M sites employ models who either thrash away at someone's bottom without any style, grace or finesse or simply deliver disappointing taps. This particualar model understands all the spanking rituals and (somewhat intriguingly) seems to be quite an expert.

Site navigation gets an average ranking - you can find what you want but there is a lousy double-scroll down bar which can be a bit irritating. By and large Fullforce keep to their update pledges but once in a while they are a bit cheeky and backdate their updates.

Overall - the English Governess is a pretty stylish offering which gets an above average rating. Fullforce have taken the time, trouble and effort to find a lady who is attractive, convincing and never comes across as just another bored model picking up her fee. She has real spirit and a genuine passion for what she is doing and this makes the whole site tick along nicely.

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