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Enough is Enough

Time: 55 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 3/6/09

Actors Joule Jackson and Keith Jones in a full-length domestic tease/spanking scenario. Joule, a big-haired slightly traveled blonde, plays a busy-body housewife yakking on the phone while her husband, Keith Jones, becomes impatient with her behavior. At Shadow Lane, male impatience usually means a bottom soon will bw turned up for the camera.

Joule invites her girlfriend Elaine to meet her at Club Fuck for a girls' night out. Keith objects to Joule's interference in her friend's personal life, they argue, and in short order she is over his lap on the couch and the spanking starts, skirt rolled up, on her purple panties.

This spanking, as in most of the SL spankings we've seen, is mild. But the realism communicated by the kicking, squawking, squirming, and verbal repartee, absolutely always produce the desired effect for us. Joule is wonderfully trim and athletic, with a hard pink bottom to admire. The camera circles, front, side, and rear, so the swell of her buttocks is admired from all aspects. Keith is superb: "The only way to get up here (her head) is through here (her bottom)." This then will be our motto for the coming year. They kiss and head off to the bedroom.

Apres bedtime, another little domestic tussle ensues. Joule wants to cook for Keith but he wants simple take-out. On such a simple thing the next spanking is built. Keith will go for food and take his Ferrari for a spin, but Joule demurs. It evolves that Joule took the car out, it was towed for a parking violation, and is still in hock. Now this is grounds for the loss of panties again.

Keith steps out to cool his temper,and Joule changes into satin langeree you wouldn't want to answer the doorbell in. She seems to know what is going to happen. Keith: "This over-the-knee stuff doesn't seem to work." He removes his belt, Joule goes over the ottoman, then bends over the couch, and takes a mild but erotic strapping on her lavender silk panties, then on her pinked bare bottom.

Keith switches to a floppy paddle strap, mild, but colorful and nice closeups. Keith notes Joule's bottom is "starting to get close to the color of my car." Jolue is still amused and takes off her panties and rubs them in Keith's face. Works for us. He grabs a hairbrush. "Oh no, not the brush." OTK, loud pops from the brush. Next is a small hand-mirror shaped wood paddle, which produces the intended effect on her bottom and thighs.

The domestic tussle winds up with more handspanking OTK, little winks of blond bush and fuzz between her buttocks as she squirms in mock distress, to our delight. Keith checks the camera, probably to see what we are doing.

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