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Enticed to the Cane

38 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/16/08

Another one of those great interview situations, where desperate ambitious girls secumb to the temptation to be spanked bare-bottom to achieve a goal. A thin brunette schoolmarm type Domme is on the phone, reporting to her clients that she's completed two spankings today and two more are scheduled. The two young ladies arrive and it is explained to them they can make big money if they "can take a spanking." We didn't catch what the job was--we've seen barmaids, spanking magazine models, and sheiks' companions drop their drawers to get work, and a few instances of girls being spanked in competitions to please voyeurs.

The girls are sent to try on some tarty clothing. The Domme show them her paddles and cane and the girls agree to give it a try. The first girl, a mysterious-looking brunette, goes OTK with the Domme, her dress is pulled up to display festive red panties, which the Domme works down during the spanking. "You have a lovely ass. If you want to make money, this is what you'll have to do." Perfectly clear to us.

Her blonde companion waits nervously. The brunette is encouraged over a table, her pretty fanny sticking out. The blonde holds her wrists, and the Domme lays on 40 with a paddle. She selects a small, more flexible paddle--"this one hurts more." Nice marks and weals and some quiet sniffling form the brunette.

The Blonde is next and knows her fate. She is one of the more glamorous participants we've seen. After some OTK, her dress comes off to show black panties and bra, white thigh boots, long legs, and a high hard bottom waiting for attention. She bends over the same chair, her very tiny panties come down. She takes about 50 with the bigger paddle and 20 more with the smaller one. Surely repeats, but this is one of the most entertaining paddlings we can recall, and high praise for the camera crew. When she is caned, she jumps up; 15 strokes are shown; this scene did not go as they planned, but we already got our money's worth.

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