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Escort Service

year: 2005
Time: 23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/13/09

A skimpy production, with little to add to our entertainment base; the "escort service" here isn't clear--a yound woman seems to be managing tennis instruction. She is seen on the phone with "Jimmy Connors" and then one of her employees, "Billy Jean," who is recalled to the office and scolded for skimming cash from a client's appointment. We heard the Madame speak with the client. Hearing what Billy Jean has done, she exclaims: "I'll have to give her a spanking."

Billy Jeans wears a simple tennis dress and has done her brunette hair and eyeglasses in the style of the tennis celebrity. After the scolding, she is directed to position a folding chair, feigns a little shock, but is quickly OTK, dress up, for a hard and fast handspanking, on black mesh transparent panties, and then on the bare. There are some grunts, a little struggle, and a slow admireation of her handiwork by the Madame. BJ's bottom is solid and attractive. Is there a picture of it in her actress's portfolio? "I hope you didn't show this to any of my clients."

Madame steps off-camera and returns with the oval leather paddle and whales away on Billy Jean, who has been positioned, bare bottom, over the desk. Next comes the flopy paddle/strap.

Time for the concluder, a "bloody good caning." Eight solid strokes; BJ jumps at the first one and the tone of protestations changes. Good closeups--there is a countable mark for each stroke. "I hope you have learned your lesson." "Yes, oh yes."

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