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Eve's Revenge

Directed and Produced: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Starring: Eve Ellis
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Review by: Eric Blair- Brown

Chemistry is a subject that has lowered many a person's grade point average, but it's a key ingredient to a good spanking video. The verbal and physical give and take between Eve Ellis and Chelsea Pfeiffer makes the video, "Eve's Revenge", a whole lot of fun. The production is a whimsical look, behind the scenes, of a spanking video. "Eve's Revenge" may not give many insights into the video production business, but it may answer a major question about the industry: Does a cranky spanker mean a more painful experience for the spankee?

The tape begins with Eve looking through the company's wardrobe. An irritated Chelsea tells Ellis what she is wearing is fine and to get to the set. The video soon dissolves to the grimacing face of Eve. The camera zooms out to show that the over the knee portion of the production has begun. As Ms. Pfeiffer hand spanks the skirt of the young woman, Ellis reacts to almost every whack. After a series of spanks, Chelsea stops the scene to ask Eve why she's being so "ultra-sensitive". Ellis exclaims Pfeiffer is being " really hard today". With that, Chelsea continues the scene and Eve continues to squirm. Throughout the long spanking session, both women break character, talk to the cameraperson and complain about each other's attitude. To Eve's chagrin, Chelsea announces it's time for the paddling. With her hands on the coffee table, Pfeiffer whacks the poor girl's bottom.

As Pfeiffer orders the camera to cut, Eve objects and pulls the owner of the company over her knee. This is where the production becomes a whole lot of fun. With the videographer's blessing, Eve takes over the production and begins spanking her boss. Throughout the session, Eve really seems to be enjoying herself. The dialog at this point is great. Example: After several whacks, Chelsea says,"If you're going to spank me, do it realistically". With that, Eve serves up three mighty smacks to Pfeiffer's backside. Chelsea replies, "That's better". Throughout the rest of Pfeiffer's spanking and paddling, the repartee is excellent and the spankings aren't too bad either.

"Eve's Revenge" isn't an erotic or even a traditional punishment video. It's sort of campy, in a good kind of way. It's a return to the commercial movies of the forties and fifties, where a girl getting spanked can be used as a comical foil. Many of the lines between the women are great. For the spanking enthusiasts, both Eve and Chelsea receive good, old fashion, spankings. The video work is excellent. Great angles and nice movement. Since I really enjoyed the women's conversation, I was a little disappointed in the audio. If you could hear the spanker, it was difficult to understand the spankee and vice versa. Unlike my friend, David Pierson, I haven't rated my favorite spanking videos, but if I did, I would put "Eve's Revenge" high on my list.

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