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Eviction Order

49 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/18/09

This film is marred by terrible, awful acting, but then redeemed by surprisngly rousing and unexpectedly crisp spankings. Jane Gale is selling a house she owns, left empty for a few years, and is showing it to Gwyneth, a buyer, played by actress Tiffany Jones. They discover a squatter/trespasser asleep in the house, a very cute pageboy round-faced, bright-eyed brunette in a delightful shortie nightie. Jane and Gwyneth confer and agree this is a great opportunity to give the girl "a beating."

Jane clearly is into spanking, has left spanking implements in the house, and sure enough, they are still where she left them. They confront this very cute interloper. "Oh, please don't beat me. Please. Please." Jane starts her OTK, rather mild, then both girls spank her, white lace nightie panties down. The ladies take her into an adjoining room for an oval paddle--quite hard. The girl cries and gasps and struggles and has to be held still. The stiff round black paddle is next--full running swings. Whatever silly acting preceded--we are on track to high gear now.

Jane: "What do we usually finish with?" "Oh, no please not the cane!.....I'll look terrible with stripes." Apparently a painting is missing also, so they will just cane her until she talks. About 20 strokes are shown, including repeats, a hot and hard session. Sniffling is heard. She is very appealing, up on toes, tight legs, taut bottom. One stroke is low on the thighs and must have been the subject of discussion.

What's this? Another girl has been living here also. She is caught and dragged in, a tall glamour-model type brunette. She has been watching. "You know what this is all about." She is quickly OTK, pants down, and helpfully spreads her legs to keep her balance. After a thorough handspanking, the paddles follow. She looks back in anger at the paddler--is this harder than they discussed?

Against the wall for a bottom examination, and then begins one of the more extensive canings we can recall at CalStar. This could not be accomplised without repeats. The angles are varied and effective. First, about 30 strokes while the girl is bent double so we can see her face and her bottom. Then another forty are shown, harder than the first series; still not finished, she gets 30 more, rapid-fire. At this point, the two ladies don't much care about the trespass or the missing painting. They had their fun.

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