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The Exchange Student

Staring: Niki Flynn as the exchange student
Denisa Petráková as first student
Eva Šulistová as second student
Maxmilian Schubert as agent
Alexandra Wolf as deputy directress
Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film brings back a nightmare of mine. It is about being in a place where no one understands what I am saying. And then to be accused of an infraction and punished when I can not defend myself because no one can understand what I am saying.

The film opens when we find a man waiting in the headmaster's office. He is examining the office curious when the door opens and Niki Flynn walks in. Niki, an American, plays the exchange student who was caught fighting by her teacher, Pavel Štastný. She is sent to the headmaster with a note requesting that she be punished. Niki has already made an additional mistake, one which the old "headmaster" would not have accepted. She did not knock. She did not enter the room as a young lady should. She just barged into the room. It is pretty obvious that things have changed in this school. Still, she is in the room and tepidly hands the note to the man she finds. She tries to explain that she is there to be punished.

The man in the office tries to explain that she must see the secretary. Niki can only assume that he is the office holder, the headmaster. The man can not understand her English and Niki has trouble with is Czech. She, however, is insistent that she was sent there to be punished. The man, after reading the note and listening to Niki, still tries to send her to the secretary. Alternately, after a moment's thought, he explains that she should be punished. It seems that it is to be his lucky day. He will punish her.

After selecting a cane from the glass rack, he orders her to raise her skirt for punishment. Niki still has trouble understanding. This only incites the situation while the man tries to tell Niki that she needs to raise her skirt. Finally, in broken English, he says "dress up". That is sufficient. Niki raises her skirt and drops her school knickers to below her cheeks.

Niki assumes position over the desk. He is still not satisfied. "All dress must down", he tells her. By this he means all of her clothing must be removed. Niki balks. It would not be proper. A swish of the cane on her bare bottom quickly changes her mind as she leaps up with a yelp.

Niki relents. With a shaking hand she removes all of her clothing. Soon, the only covering are her socks. Everything is off when she is forcibly pushed back over the desk. He taps her legs to get her to spread them apart while she still fears the worst.

He starts to cane her nude bottom while she counts the strokes. She can take at most six before she gets up and holds her now stinging cheeks with both hands. He is not satisfied. He will give her twenty five strokes.

Niki can barely manage to stay on the desk amidst her crying as he quickly delivers the remaining strokes to her quivering bottom. At the end it is obvious that her bottom is now in great pain as it is flushed deep red with bluish cane stripes across it. Niki can only collapse on the desk in tears. "Stripes are really in this year", he says as he returns her clothes. He decides to keep her undershirt as a personal memento, slipping it into his pocket.

When she has redressed, he escorts her to the wall, grabs his hat and gloves, and makes a hasty exit from the office. She is still standing by the wall when Miss deputy directress arrives to ask why she is here. Niki explains that she was here to be punished by the headmaster and is then told that it was impossible. The headmaster is away on a business trip. What? He was just here to punish me! No, that is impossible. Now it is becoming all too clear. The person who gave Niki twenty five strokes of the cane is not the headmaster. She has made a mistake.

The deputy tells Niki that she must be punished. Niki complains that she has already been punished as she shows her the stripes on her legs. She can only be punished by a certified director of the school. In addition, she is to be punished for lying. At that point Niki breaks down in tears. She was punished first by a stranger, and now must receive two punishments again.

It must take a great deal of resolve to go fetch the same cane and offer it to the directress. Yet, Niki does it. She will receive six strokes for the punishment and six strokes for lying. Slowly, deliberately, she walks to the desk and raises her skirt to settle down on the desk. "Knickers down", the directress commands. Niki reaches back and pulls down the red pair of underpants.

The directress starts to cane Niki. Niki jumps with each stroke but still manages to count them; all twelve strokes. At the end, she is left crying on the desk for a short time before rising to restore her clothing over the thirty eight new sets of cane lines on her bottom and legs. She kisses the cane before returning it to the cabinet.

Just then the secretary arrives with a cup of coffee for the insurance broker who was left waiting in the headmaster's office. Now the situation is clear. It was the insurance broker that Niki took to be the headmaster. It was he who caned her earlier. Since she did not know Czech, he took advantage of the situation for a little gratification of his own.

When questioned about the fighting, Niki started to refuse to inform on her classmates. The directress did not accept that and pressed for the names. Niki still continued to refuse. When she was told that her refusal would mean additional punishments, Niki finally relented and told the names of the other two classmates involved.

It seems that the classmates were "picking on her"; laughing at her; all because she did not speak fluent Czech. We are treated to a dreamlike flashback where the girls are laughing and pointing fingers at Niki. When she asked for the proper words, they would tell her the wrong information and she would make a fool of herself. There was even one scene where one of the girls put a tack on Niki chair, only to have Niki bolt upright upon sitting on the tack. (See the interview on this site. The tack sequence was literally a language mistake.)

The directress sends for the two other girls. Upon entry, she notes the two "usual suspects" who still profess their innocence. The directress is not accepting their story. "As you think that I have misbehaved somehow, I can do nothing but to ask you to punish me" states the first girl. "I assure you that you will remember the tone and the words that you have just used as one of the most painful mistakes of your life" replies the directress. Kneel!

Her cohort is to be first. She will not push her luck and assumes her position over the end of the desk, skirt up, knickers down. Just then, Niki asks to be excused. She does not wish to witness the punishment. The directress instructs Niki to remain seated and observe the justice to be meted out.

The directress starts to cane the girl's bottom with firm, hard strokes. The girl begins to count. As her bottom becomes marked, her voice rises in pitch and her breathing becomes more shallow and faster. After ten stokes, there are now deep red lines on her rear end along with tears on her cheeks. By twenty eight, her bottom is a mess of red welts; big red welts; deep red welts. The directress stops at forty. The girl is now crying uncontrollably.

The first girl is still insolent. She is made to kneel on the cane at the head of the desk until she can use the proper tone with the deputy. The deputy plans to leave the girl, kneeling on the cane, for as long as it takes. By the time that the girl realizes that it hurts to kneel on a small object, she begins to ask for her punishment properly and with a respectful tone. The deputy is willing to accept the girl's contrition.

After handing the deputy the cane, she bends over the desk. The deputy begins to cane her naked bottom. As the girl counts, her tone raises and the breathing becomes shorter as happened with her friend. By the tenth stroke, the girl is obviously in distress. After the fifteenth stroke, she has broken the cane. The child's parents will be billed for the new cane. After thirty strokes, the girl is beginning to hyper-ventilate from the pain. After forty strokes, the punishment ends and she is allowed to rejoin her friend.

The two must apologies to Niki, who accepts the apology and presumably reunites with her friends; as they share something in common today; a well striped backside. The film concludes with the deputy saying that it was nice now that England was fighting for their country. There is a bit of political satire at the end with Neville Chamberlain and Hitler at the Munich conference when the film ends.

This picture is about the predicament of a foreign student in a strange land with strange customs and a strange language. Niki Flynn plays the role perfectly. The lack of communication was critical to this film. Without it, Niki would not have been fighting. She would have been able to speak to the Agent and know that he was not the headmaster, and there would have been no reason for the other girls to have made her unwelcome.

The film was a bit rough in parts, especially the English spoken parts because the language was a bit stilted. However, that is to be understood when it is not spoken by someone whose native language is not English.

Then there are the caning sequences. The sequences are carried out with typical Lupus style and severity.

Finally there is the choice of girls to play the parts. They could not be lovelier. They exhibited the typical youth and vitality of the period and the roles that they play. Their acting, in what is a small acting part, was excellent. The roles that they played, the costumes that they used all made the piece a jewel in Lupus' crown.

I recommend the film. Oh, did I happen to mention that this is the first time that you will find a Lupus film that does not need subtitles for all of the scenes (assuming that you speak English.) And, I forgot to say that this is the first film that Lupus has starred an American girl. Those are just two more reasons to buy this film.


Reviewed by Ronald Scott

The Exchange Student is one of the best productions of the year and, is perhaps the best work that Lupus Pictures has ever done in its stories history. The production features brilliant performances from American actress, Niki Flynn, Denisa Petrakova, both of whom are making their CP film debut, as well as a wonderful and perverse screenplay plot. Miss Flynn is the first non Czech performer to appear in a Lupus film and she acquitted herself brilliantly.

As the video opens, a cute black-haired girl speaking English and looking quite apprehensive, enters the Headmaster's office and says "Professor Stastny sent me for punishment". As the man there can't understand her English, she shows him a written note from the professor. Niki Flynn is perfect for this role, a beautiful face, eyes cast down, holding her hands nervously behind her back.

Niki explains "I know what I did was wrong and I promise to not do it again. Please punish me". She brings a cane from the wall and holds it out to him with her eyes cast down. Well what's a fellow to do when presented with a promising offer like this? He responds by asking her, in broken English, to "show me your bottom". She shyly pulls her skirt up and her tight red panties down. (Note: All the punished girls in this video wear tight red panties, a considerable plus for me).

He then bends her over a table and says "all dress must down". Niki fearfully says she can't. He canes her bottom for emphasis and repeats his command. Her face transparently shows her innocence, anxiety, fear and uncertainty in what is a very sexy scene. Now sobbing she slowly undresses with trembling hands. When her blouse is off, he drags her by her ear across the room. She then strips naked while continuing to sob. Niki futilely tries to cover herself. Nonetheless we see she has a nice body with full breasts and a slim waist.

Niki then lays over the table again. He tells her to spread her legs "as if I was going to slip it in". She refuses and her face in close-up is a mask of shame and humiliation. He canes her thighs once and she finally spreads her legs. Then the caning begins in earnest and she says "thank you, sir" after each stroke in a wonderfully erotic "crying" voice. Her position with head raised and her breasts hanging like ripe grapes is very erotic. And her bottom is as spankable as they come.

After six strokes she says she can't stand it but he tells her she has 25 coming, saying to "stick out that little ass of yours". Niki now jerks after each blow and the pitch of her cries becomes more desperate. The rear view shows clearly defined cane welts and her legs kicking up after each stroke. There are several exceptional face close-ups of the crying desperate young woman. At the end of Niki's chastisement, her tormentor gives her blouse back but before she can get it on we see a great side-view of her wonderful figure. After she dresses he tells her to face the wall and then he leaves.

Soon the Deputy Directress enters and asks Niki what she is doing there. Niki says she was just caned by the Headmaster. The Directress says the Headmaster has not been in and that Niki must be caned 12 strokes for lying and being in the Headmaster's office without permission. Naturally Niki cries hysterically. She then pulls up her skirt and bends over the table again; her ass framed by the tight red panties looks delectable. However the Directress tells her to pull the panties down. Niki gets twelve strokes across her already welted ass and thighs and she obviously feels every one.

Then the Directress's secretary enters and says a handsome insurance agent was waiting for her but left. Ah, Ha ! That was the man who caned Niki, not the Headmaster. Niki's offense in the note from Professor Stastny was fighting with other girls in class. The Directress asks why and Niki says the other girls were picking on her and bullying her. In a black and white flashback, we see two other girls pointing at her and laughing because she does not speak Czech and her haircut is different. In another flashback we see the blond girl putting a tack down on a chair Niki is about to sit on and similar scenes. Niki's acting in the flashbacks and in the conversation with the Directress is noteworthy.

The two other girls, a cute blond and black-haired girl, are brought before the Directress who calls them the "usual suspects" As the Directress goes to get the cane to give each "suspect" 40 strokes, the girls grimace at Niki who is smirking at them. The black hair is made to kneel facing the wall and pull her red panties down. Both girls continue to act insolent.

The blond, who is especially pretty, bends over the table and pulls her panties down revealing a beautiful ass. Initially she shows little emotion but as the caning continues her voice breaks while saying "thank you" after each stroke and tears begin to roll down her face. If you have been looking for a very cute girl who really cries while being caned, this sequence is for you. And the wonderful face close-ups show all her tears. Like I said, it doesn't get any better than this.

By the caning's end, the blonde's bottom is covered with red welt marks. She promises she will remember her punishment and I'm sure she will. Next the cute black haired girl is made to kneel and hold a difficult position that hurts her knees. She remains insolent. For the first 25-30 strokes of her caning she shows little emotion compared to Niki and the blond but then her voice begins to sound desperate and the final ten strokes include two memorable close-ups of the broken girl's face. At the end, both girls are made to kneel and apologize in English to Niki who naturally is gleefully smug and gloating over the turnabout in her fortunes.

Overall, I rate this movie a 9.75 out of 10. It is clearly one of the best spanking productions of the year. And those who want to see more of Niki Flynn, should check out Lupus's upcoming release "Crime and Punishment".

Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast http://rohrstockpalast.blogspot.com)

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
English girl, Czech cane

Victim Appeal:
Are you kidding? This is the first film appearance of Niki Flynn. Not only does this mean that the victim appeal is off the frigging scale, it also makes "The Exchange Student" an important historical document. If you are a fan of hers, you should definitely see this (in the unlikely case that you haven't already). If you are not a fan, then there is something seriously wrong with you and you are different and strange. All your spanko friends think that Niki Flynn is awesome. You have no sense of taste. Get away from my blog.

While the birth of the werewolf is the main attraction here, that is to take nothing away from Denisa Petráková and Eva Šulistová, two brave and pretty girls who turn in good supporting performances.

Gratuitous Sadism:
There is a healthy amount of sadism here, both in the physical and the psychological department. Niki, playing the title role of an English student at a 1930s Czech school, receives the brunt of it. As the movie opens, she meekly enters the headmaster's office where she has been sent for corporal punishment. Little does she know that the guy hanging around there is actually an insurance agent waiting to sell a policy! When he realizes that she is mistaking him for the headmaster, the inventive salesman decides to brighten up his day a bit and canes the girl himself.

Later on, she encounters the deputy director who repeats the chastisement - after all, the headmaster is not around and only the proper authorities are allowed to wield the cane, so the student's protests "("But I've already been punished!") fall on deaf ears. Tough luck. But she also finds a sympathetic ally: when the deputy director learns that the exchange student got in trouble for fighting with other girls who were constantly picking on her, the bullies end up getting their own share of CP action.

Niki gets 25 strokes from the insurance agent turned fake headmaster, and another 12 from the deputy director. The other two girls receive 40 strokes each. The canings are severe, as per the usual Lupus standard, but not ridiculously so. Satisfying welts all around.

Best Reactions:
When it comes to the reactions to the actual punishment, I'd have to pick one of the supporting girls, the blonde "bully" student. Her tears and cries of pain, delivered in the semi-restrained manner I so love, are a solid delight.

However, in terms of acting / reacting to the situation, Niki takes the prize. The buildup of her first caning scene, with the insurance agent, is especially memorable. Her meek deer-in-the-headlights look turns to sheer terror when the agent orders her to take not just the panties, but all her clothes off: "I can't, Sir! Not in front of you! It wouldn't be proper!" Needless to say, the pleas are futile. Later on, another surprise lies in store when she learns that she will get 25 strokes instead of the standard English 6 of the best. Niki protests with a desperate "No, six! Sest! Sest!", and again, her delivery of the scripted dialogue is so effortlessly in-character and intense that it truly elevates the scene.

Best Line:
"All dress must down!" The salesman, explaining the intricacies of the Czech punishment ritual to a rather stunned exchange student. When she doesn't comply immediately, he reiterates: "All! Must! Dress! Down! And now! And schnell!"

Nice Psychological Touch:
There are two aspects of the story which I enjoyed immensely. First, the cunning insurance agent pretending to be the headmaster. Which is a devious little prank in itself, and moreover, he savours every minute of it - forcing the student to strip down completely, ogling her body with unashamed glee, dishing out a rather draconian thrashing. What could be sweeter than the abuse of power? Why, the abuse of pretended power, of course. Afterwards, inspecting her bottom, the salesman cheerfully remarks: "Stripes are really in this year!" Knowing full well that the girl doesn't understand him, anyway.

What I like about this plot twist is how the empathy works both ways. On the one hand, we identify with the agent. Sure, he plays a dirty trick, but who wouldn't? Every CP enthusiast in the world would be tempted, certainly with a girl like Niki. Besides, selling insurance is dull as dishwater, so who wants to begrudge the guy a little fun. On the other hand, even as you giggle at her misfortune, you can't help but feel sympathy for the poor exchange student, too. Especially when she has to go through the ordeal again with the deputy director. Not fair, is it?

But in the end, all this is counterbalanced, to a degree, by the two bullies receiving their well-deserved punishment. Since I'm a fan of comeuppance scenarios, that is the other aspect I particularly liked. Not only does the exchange student get to watch while her tormentors are caned. Afterwards, upon the orders of the deputy director, they kneel in front of their victim and apologize for the pain they have caused. The student, her troubles avenged, sits above the contrite girls in quiet contentment and savours their humiliation with a smug grin. At last, justice has been served.

How Good Is It Really?
Lupus Pictures always deliver good work, and this is one of their finest efforts. The customary love of detail and intensity are all there. The story proves that, with the help of a few creative ideas, you can do something fresh and inspired with a fairly standard schoolgirl setting. In addition to the aforementioned plot twists, we get a flashback sequence of the exchange student being tormented by the other girls, with her talking to the camera. That was a wonderful little gag which brought me flashes of Annie Hall. At the end of the movie, there is even a bit of political satire with Hitler, Chamberlain and the Munich conference.

In short, "The Exchange Student" bristles with ideas, and the chemistry between the players is great, too. Niki Flynn gives her debut, which in itself makes the film worth watching. Compared to her other collaborations with Lupus, this is probably the lightest (in terms of severity) and most light-hearted one (in terms of story). I know, it's a bit of an oxymoron, but what I am trying to say is this: even if you happen to be one of the gentler spankos out there, who doesn't get all misty-eyed and gleeful watching a werewolf-style caning, you should still give this movie a try. It's a classic and there is no excuse for not having seen it.

What You Learned:
"The Exchange Student" is responsible for my long-held erroneous belief that Niki is English. A classic confusion of actress and role that was finally cleared up for me when we became penpals (she's American). And one of the first things I learned then was that it wasn't such a bad blunder, actually - she told me that many people think she is Czech, and that she gets charming emails complimenting her on her English!

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