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Exchange Student

20 minutes
Guest review by Collector posted on 4/3/08

Brief effort, not the LUPUS namesake. Mr. Harris, a familar american character in a CalStar genre of U.S. short spanking films, plays an American headmaster. Pamela, a British exchange student, a pretty blonde not-so-distant lookalike of Sophie Fennington, here decked out in perfect schoolgirl attire--plaid skirt, knee socks, crisp blouse, necktie--is on the carpet for poor acedemic performance. Harris: "A bit of discipline is in order, same as in England." Harris gets Pamela to admit she has been spanked and caned in school in England. "If that's the way it has to be....please don't expel me." The lecherous Harris has an unbelievable opportunity here--an attractive student actually willing to lose her pants.

Harris gets his "instruments." Pamela can't look at the cane he swishes. We're going to start with OTK. But first, her panties must come down. Harris does the job, sitting in front of her, brazenly slipping down her white bikini panties as Pamela faces us, rather than in the style of an official rearview bottom unveiling we'd see from a British director. In closeup, we see Pamela has done a perfect shave. Very erotic, and Harris is fascinated. Tan lines on her pale bottom. "I see you have been enjoying our California sun." A short OTK spanking follows on a lovely, solid, pale, and very active bare bottom. She's made to stand, take her skirt off and step out of the half-masted panties. Harris continues the handspanking while she stands. We watch her cute little front as she tries to dodge his spanks.

Then it's off to the bedroom. Harris explains none too convincingly that this spanking appointment is at his house rather than at school so he can increase its intensity. Yeah, right! She's alarmed when she spots the cane and strap he has picked up. Throughout the video, she is an excellent actress--articulate, erotic, and convincing. Onto the bed, he gets her in the diaper position, where everything she owns is on display, bald and clean--she's as exposed as anything in Lupus 2005 work. He straps her dodging bottom. Soon she says: "I've had enough." Then the cane, for some light taps. Over on her stomach, then kneeling up, for a brief caning, mild by current standards, but sexy and realistic. "Get that bottom up, right up." "I want to go home." We watch her bottom on the bed, with some lines and marks, as she sobs and composes herself. She dresses, but must stand bare bottom in the corner for a classic ending.

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