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Exclusive Education

Written and Directed by Clare Fonda
Clare Fonda
Julie Simone
Heather Smyth
Mira North
Alice Wonder
Lacey June
Valerie Vasquez
Guest Review by Brooke

The brat pack at Ms. Fonda's private school had been out the night before and missed curfew by 45 minutes. Their house mother caught them in the act as they were trying to sneak back into the house without being caught. No such luck for these girls. Ms. Fonda advises her class that she knows all about them being out the previous night. She then tells each girl what they will be punished for. Heather is to be punished for hooking up the fake ids. The Gonzalez sisters Alice and Valerie for securing transportation and smokes. Anna, well, little miss Anna has been a problem time and time again. Julie plan and simple has set a bad example for the younger girls. Miss Mira North yelled "Be quiet bitches" when they were trying to sneak back in. Elizabeth was fall down drunk and woke up the house mother and Robin, well, Robin was the ring leader. It was all her idea. The girls, not looking too frightened at the thought of being spanked by Ms. Fonda, were disheartened when they find out that it will not be Ms. Fonda punishing them, but Principal Miller, who, according to Ms. Fonda, is not their pal today. That got the girl's attention. After a long lecture by Principal Miller, two girls are selected to come to the front of the classroom, one is punished while the other watches. Once they have been punished they are made to kneel with their reddened bottom on display for the whole class to see. After all the girls have been given their punishments, they are then told that it is not yet over. The girls are then spanked in tandem by Ms. Fonda and Principal Miller with hairbrushes. Each girl is spanked for one minute with the hairbrush to finish the punishment. The video ends with a row of girls lined up against the wall with some very red bottoms on display.

There is a ton of spanking in this video. Eight girls, to be exact, are soundly punished. But the best part of this video, you might be wonder if it could get any better, well, the best part, in my opinion, were the interviews from some of the girls before the video starts. In particular, Lilith. What a character. She's fabulous. She said and I quote, "I like working with Clare because they spank me real good, which I need because I am a spoiled brat. I always have been and always will be. It's my dad's fault, he used to spoil me". She ends her interview with the most charming, yet mischievous laugh. . The interviews were a great touch to this already fantastic video. It's a must see for spanking fans. If Ebert and Roeper reviewed spanking videos, they'd give it two thumbs up.

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