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Executive Privilege

Nu West 094
Length:30 minutes

Standard fare from Ed Lee, but fun if you've admired a tight fanny passing down the hall in an office.

The usual opening scene with Lee at a desk in his regular studio, playing a businessman. Apparently there has been some expensive incompetence in his office, and he has an unusual way of dealing with it. He calls in a secretary, "Miss Reese," a tall, sexy thing with hair in a bun, office attire and big Elton John-style glasses. Nifty, since we know pretty much what is going to happen to her. She sits for dictation, a complaint letter from Lee to the secretarial school from whence she came, and we soon see that it is she, our Miss Reese, about whom Lee is so angry. We hold a closeup of her face as we hear, and she realizes, that this company uses spanking to resolve these disciplinary matters. We know we're going to see more of her, but we have to wait while Lee drones on---and on. Tension and release.

Lee positions a chair for the ceremonial OTK operation. Miss Reese, commanded, tucks up her dress and matter-of-factly pulls down her pantyhose and panties; we're in the front row for a nice downy thatch. She goes OTK and she jumps under one resounding crack with a ruler, just a warning of things to come, and off she scurries, pulling up her pants as she scrambles.

Lee has summoned Miss Freemont, the account manager who has responsibility for the big error. She cools her tush in the outer office awaiting an audience with him, and is soon on the carpet, literally. Wow, this is going to be good---a very pretty, pageboy, big-eyed brunette. We hold her face too, as she protests her innocence, and receives the news that it is a choice of a bare bottom spanking or the highway.

She steps aside and begins undressing, while Lee prattles away on the phone. Who's listening to him? We're watching her. She kicks off her shoes, removes her suit jacket, drops her skirt, pulls down her pantyhose and then her panties, all nice and slowly, but not like a professional would do. She stands again on the carpet, barefoot, her now bare bottom peaking out beneath her frilly blouse. God, Lee is still lecturing her!

Lee produces a strap from his desk drawer--doesn't everybody have one? We watch Miss Fremont's face while he flexes it. She bends over the desk--a very charming view of a very classy lady. Lee lays on the strap and Miss Freemont screeches and jumps like any good girl should. Several camera views---a suffering fearful pretty face, square on her bottom, and some obliques. Very nice.

But it seems the secretary Miss Reese is actually more culpable than we thought. This is the opportunity to get at the second bottom of the tape. Same routine for her--up-skirt, down-pants, OTK, and then a nice whipping with the aforementioned ruler. I'm not sure she's actually getting spanked as hard as portrayed, but she puts on a good show and the fantasy is accomplished. One of Lee's occasional touches--a high heeled shoe flies off as she kicks under the spanking.

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