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Exorcism II

Starring: Angie
Running Time: 18 Minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

I have to be honest with you, the start to this video freaked me out. If you have been waiting for a horror/punishment video, here it is. Angie does a pretty convincing job of portraying a possessed woman. We find our demonic subject with her arms and legs bound together while naked with one leg suspended by a rope. So, they waste no time giving you a great shot of her pussy. No introduction, no taking her out to dinner, just boom there is is. Before long the...ah...I don't know what exactly he is, but he doesn't exactly strike me as a holy man. Looks more like a soldier on a mission.

The exorcism begins with the use of a thin whippy cane on Angie's bottom. After a number of strikes, he grabs Angie's hair and rubs the cane across her face. Kind of like a late introduction. It would be a short lived acquaintance as the cane would then be set down in favor of a cat o nine tails type of whip. And what does he whip? Well, just about everything below the stomach. Ass, thighs, pussy. Oh wait, did I say below the stomach? He then moves up to the tits. Can't forget those when whipping the devil out of someone. The whipping continues for a fairly lengthy amount of time before we move on to the next stage.

Phase two of this exorcism features Angie being suspended from the ceiling by her wrists via a rope. And I'm not talking an inch off the floor either, she's a good foot or two away. Dangling naked, Angie is repeatedly whipped on every part of her body. And, with more than one kind of whip to boot. Fan of the horse whip? You'll see it here. In fact, you'll see it for the rest of the video. Quite a long whipping, this girl really takes a lot. Needless to say, all this whipping forces the demon out and Angie is free.

Another great production by Kshara. Not a lot of talking, just screaming from Angie and a lot of action. As I've said before, I like what this company puts out. It's severe, yet not over the top for those that aren't heavy into B&D. You can check out a free trailer at the Kshara site along with other sample photos.

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