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Expelling the Pain

48 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/31/09

An outdoor setting throughout, and CalStar manages to control both the wind and low flying aircraft this time. We are situated poolside; a woman, Mrs. Dunforth, mistress of her estate, lounges under an umbrella and is furious with her daughter Emma, who has been truant at an expensive private school.

Emma reports, thin and young, brunette, authentic and convincing in schoolgirl dress. She is scolded for her attendance, admits she doesn't like the school. Mother is not having any of it and thinks some good discipline is in order. "I'm going to start you off with a good spanking, Emma."

Mother positions Emma OTK on a chair from the poolside picnic table, but she is lefthanded. Emma hasn't made enough spanking movies to lie over a lap the correct way, so she has to be repositioned. Mom tugs the panties down, "to get right up to your bottom cheeks," and the handspanking continues. When it is time to change positions, Emma stands to display a most naughty mohawk for such a demure-appearing schoolgirl.

"Get those clothes off." Emma slowly strips, no bra. Her mother, rather saucily attired herself in a low-cut body stocking and kneehigh boots, keeps up the scolding, reaches for her oval paddle, and leans the naked Emma over the picnic table. The table is the perfect height to elevate and illuminate Emma's round bottom, which is a near-perfect bottom to be out here in the sun today. She jumps under the soft oval and floppy leather paddles.

An attractive young blonde has entered the scene, a pool maintenance person. She goes to work nearby but is fascinated by the naked spanking in progress across the way. Mother mutters this girl is going to get spanked too, for dishonest billing. But the girl is unaware, and produces a cane from the workroom the mother might find helpful as she continues on Emma.

Emma now gets the cane in her dramatic high-bottomed stance. Mrs. Dunforth lays on about 20 whippy strokes; Emma whines throughout.We learn there is rivalry between the pool girl and Emma, thus the offering of the cane to make things worse.

But Danforth spots the pool girl: "I don't know what you are smirking at. You're going to get some of this too if you want to keep your job." This picnic table is a treasure--it makes the bottom soar, with legs wide, good angle to see her full body and face, turned toward us. When Emma is sent off naked, she walks gingerly, surely the result of crawly welts and weals.

The young pool girl, a buxom blonde, has earned her place on this side of the pool. She has falsified billing. "Right over my knee," a short denim skirt, white blouse. Skirt up, black panties down all the way to her ankles, she has a solid full bottom and powerful thighs, fully qualified to make these films. Over the table, "butt in the air, please," she is paddled.

"We'll go to the cane you so kindly found." About 15 strokes, excellent facials as she anticipates the strike, sexy repeats, welts and weals. Mrs. Dunforth had her fun at the pool today.

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