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Face the Music

15 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/23/08

A cute blonde teenager-type blasts music as she idles; her female roommate (and also the tenant who must pay the rent in their apartment) is more industrious, wants quiet, needs her rent-share, and so has the leverage to put the blonde in the spanking posture.

The saucy blonde thinks it's funny and bends over, almost as a lark. Her brunette roommate gets her jeans down quickly and is aghast to see the blonde is wearing her own purple panties. This is infuriating. She hastily pulls them down. In a nonce the blonde is bare-bottomed and the spanking begins.

Quickly enough the two move to an OTK position, where the left-handed spanking continues. A long and moderate session, this is, but lovely round pink bottom and excellent camera work from several angles. With a mischievious expression, the brunette licks and kisses a little bruise she has produced. "Right. Get up. That's what you're going to get every time you annoy me." A nice long hold on the blonde's proud reddened tush. Looks like their relationship is going to change.

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