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Fair Measures

Length: 37 minutes
2002 M/2Ff

Additional Review by LondonMan on 8/24/07

Never can the expression "you can't judge a book by it's cover" be more apt than when describing many of the videos produced by Cal Star.

Take the last one I saw called "Fair Measures". It's pretty standard stuff. We have two pretty average looking women who are running a bar on behalf of the owner who is away on holiday. In walks the "Weights and measures" inspector who says that the girls have been reported for serving "small" measures. Both girls are wearing non- descript trousers and get spanked, paddled and caned for this mis-demeanour. The only notable point about the whole video is the guy who administers the punishment. He looks about 78 and must be the ugliest person I've ever seen.

Now the best bit and it would have been so easy to have missed it. Included on the video is a sperate scenario called simply "The Punishment" which makes it worth the money alone. Particularly if you've ever been stopped by a woman cop who you feel needs "taking down a peg"

It starts with a woman Police Sergeant ringing the bell of a house. It's a Summer's day and she is wearing a white short sleeved shirt with black epaulettes, wide "crevatte" style tie, cap with badge and knee length black skirt with a side vent. She is nice looking aged about 30 with blonde crinkly shoulder length hair. Figure wise I would say, definitely hourglass and well endowed up top.

The owner comes to the door, she removes her cap, and tells him she's come about the reported burglary and he invites her in. They sit down at the table, she puts her cap back on and they discuss the matter. It gets quite heated as she tells him that there is no sign of false entry and her constables can't find any trace of the burglars. She then accusses him of making it up to which he goes livid. He tells her he is a friend of the Chief Constable and would report her for making wild accusations. She ignores this and threatens to report him for wasting valuable police time. She's just about to get her handcuffs out and while she's distracted, he seizes the opportunity. Telling her she's a spoiled brat he quickly takes her wrist and pulls her across his lap. Before she has a chance to react, he's given her 2-3 slaps on her extremely shapely rear.

She splutters a "You can't do this".

But the hussy miss finds that he can. And pulling her even further across his lap, her feet come of the ground. Her skirt has risen sufficiently upwards to reveal the tantalising sight of white stockings with lacy tops and just the glimpse of bare leg incredibly sexy. Particularly as the spanking continued. And when her skirt was pulled completely up to reveal a white suspender belt and incredibly brief white virtually see-through panties, I was ready for a cold shower. The protesting and wriggling continued and I find a great turn-on when a mature sexy woman has her panties pulled down. One great line was, "What if the constables come in and see me like this?" to which the reply was, "I'm sure they would feel it was long overdue"

Well the spanking continues and before long she has to strip down completely before receiving a good paddling and caning. The last we see of her is a glimpse of her gorgeous breasts as she's told to "pick up your clothes and get out", which she does, still naked and whimpering.

A wonderful film.

First Review By: Collector

This is a devilish little jewel; I have always liked California Star and British bottoms; it is nice to see their current videos still depicting my preferences. Two barmaids are preparing to open their pub for the day in the absence of their male boss. An inspector from "Trading Standards" comes in with complaints filed by customers for short measures (in a pub, that's a bummer!) and the requirement to shut the pub down. This official is a smarmy ancient mariner, who looks like the actor Lou Grant present-day minus 100 pounds. You know what he's going to do, but you don't know how well he is going to do it.

The girls beg for another way to settle the violations--their boss-on-holiday will be intractable of the pub were closed. There must be another way. Weelll....with an unmistakable gleam in his eye...."If'd you's take a beating with paddles and canes, you might be able to stay open." The girls whisper, despair, then reluctantly agree. I love young ladies blackmailed into bending over.

The geezer goes to his car for the implements. The first girl, a bit well-travelled, with shoulder-length brown hair and spandex slacks, is enticed OTK and a mild handspanking begins. She stands to lower her tight pants and mugs with the camera, which she will do again. Back OTK, the spanking continues and the thong is soon gone. The relentless rhythmic mild spanks are taking their toll. She is blotching and bruising nicely. "You're a disgusting man." "Yes, I know, but I'm in charge." Bottomless and pinked, she goes over a stool, first for about 150 strokes with the soft leather paddle, then 70 with the none-too-appreciated leather slapper. We get several camera angles. There are repeats, as there are in all the punishments for the two girls, but it only helps. Last comes the cane, and her red splotchy bottom is ripe for it. She takes 12 strokes from a handled whippy fiberglass instrument. I have only seen the following at Rigid East: the camera holds on her bottom and we watch the tramlines each emerge, redden, and mature like film developing in its tray of emergent fluid--the first stripe, the second, third---ouch, and our lady is surprised. At one point she cries, "Stop, I've had enough." This must have been a non-scripted signal, bcause the film jumps, but the strokes continue. Her bottom now waffled, she is made to sit bare on a chair while the second girl is summoned.

"Time for your friend." This raven-haired lassy is statuesque in shape, with an exquisite figure we can look forward to. She too starts OTK, but her leather pants are impossible."Stand up and take all your clothes off." OK. Wow! One of the better unveilings I've seen. Ten. While she is spanked nude OTK, our demonic (but practical) friend directs girl #1 to proceed to prepare the pub for opening, but with no pants on. After the handspanking--the paddle, then the slapper--various angles, repeats, directed at one of the best-formed and pristine targets you'll see. Then, it's upstairs to the pool table and a bend-over for the cane. We watch her walk buck naked upstairs, wearing only clunky boots. Very sexy. You're glued to her shifting cheeks. She stretches deliciously over the pool table, a screen full of pink and green felt. She takes about 22 strokes (repeats); the best closeups you'll find, and her gasps, buttock-grabs, twists, facial grimaces, and whimpers are orgasmic in quality. Lots of winks, not a curly little hair in sight, and a ton of breasts and bottoms. OK, we're done---back down to the bar, nude. The inspector recovers his papers, signs off. You can open up now! You'll have a good time at this pub.

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