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False Report

39 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/11/09

Girls in trouble with their rent--a theme which can set you wiggling in your seat. Michelle and Sonja file a false burglary report to generate an insurance claim. Puts us in mind of one of our favorite CalStar's, "Claims Dealt With," where a world-class lady lets an adjustor spank her to get her claims approved.

Police detectives sense the "insurance scam," threaten to charge the girls, but then offer "special police treatment like we do" as an alternative. The girls acquiesce after a little argument. Actor Michael Dawes, as Sgt. Jones, goes to their car to get his "kit." We've seen before, British municipal vehicles seem to come equipped with paddles and canes, right there beside the spare tire.

Michelle will be spanked first. She is a delicate curly-haired brunette, pretty enough for numerous facial closeups, with a trim youthful body. Jones' partner spanks her on her purple slacks. She is not pleased when he tugs them down. "You filthy pig." Her white panties hardly cover up. When they come down: "You fucking pervert." Jones hands him a small black paddle. She is wrestled into a kneeling position over the couch for a mild cropping. Nothing like a good couch tussle.

Sonja has watched and is next. Another pretty face which attracts the camera. When her black leggings are rolled down: "Bastard!" White panties gone in a moment. None of these spankings is firm or severe, but the scenery is nice. Sonja is paddled. Michelle watches in mock angst. When Sonja is wrestled into a kneeling position, she quickly hauls up her panties, the only convincing spontaneous moment in the film. But they must come down.

The police officers are in control now and make the girls strip--tops off, bras off, pants off, kneel on the couch facing us completely naked; we love these little nudie moments built into the 1990's productions. How helpless they are.

Now both girls are caned on the couch, about 10 strokes each, sufficiently hard, causing weals, welts, squeals,and yelps. The officers almost compete to fondle and caress. The two naked girls cuddle in distress at the conclusion.

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