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Family Caning

47 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/25/08

A father-daughter/husband-wife scenario, not altogether palatable, so we try to focus on the action. Mother and daughter are trying on some silly outfits for a "naughty" B&D party they intend to sneak out to, over the objection of the father, played by the indefatigible Brian of CalStar.

We have that lovely stone mansion setting, the classic "behind high walls" implication CalStar uses for schools, Victorian manors, and institutions, to give us the image of the sound of cane on flesh and cries of anguish ringing through the corridors.

Brian discovers the costume preparations, is furious, and is going to paddle and cane them both. Blonde daughter Terry is shocked, but her mother reminds her with some resignation she gets caned now and then. Brian starts his wife first with a hard OTK handspanking. Lots of skin is available, because her little teddy costume was not designed to shelter from either the elements or a man with Brian's pronounced proclivities. She puts up a squawk: "Stop. Fuck my cunt or my ass if you want." Such language, madame, and here in the Manor!

Cute blonde 19 year old Terry is called back, for her "first" OTK. She's wearing a short rubber skirt with the bottom cut out of it. Brian works this skirt up, no easy task. There are no panties, of course. Brian admires his discovery. "Blushing up nicely. This bottom seems so firm and cheeky." He makes her completely strip. It doesn't get much better than this sweet blonde. Georgeous firm showgirl body, with a nifty little mohawk which she makes sure we don't overlook.She is then paddled over a chair; Brian admires a small tattoo on her back and examines her bottom closely, as he often does. She is then paddled with the floppy leather model.

He gets her to open her legs a bit. "Are you ready for the cane?" "Oh, not the cane." Of course, my dear, the cane. There are about 20 strokes with repeats. She is made to pull her rubber skirt back on,and now the cutout bottom is a TV screen framed view on a striped welted bottom. Cute.

The mother, Debbie, is called back in. After all, she's the one who gets spanked in this household. She's paddled over a chair and puts up a faux squawk. "Please. I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked before." Brian seems to be in a good bargaining position, what with an offer like that and a bare bottom already at this fingertips. It would appear he's going to achieve both. He finishes Debbie's paddling, then she strips off the rest of her clothes and takes about 25 cane strokes bent over a chair in a most embarrassing position, by her standards. Brian fingers the weals: "I still have my old touch."

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