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Family Matters

Starring: Sarah as the daughter
Kurt Stevens as the father
Review by Katrina
Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes

This video opens with Uncle Kurt and his naughty niece, entering a motel room. He is explaining that he knows that she is not doing well in College; has been out partying; not studying; and basically just goofing off. He is understandably concerned about his niece's future. He proceeds to tell her that he will cut off her finances, no car, etc., unless she accepts some discipline. By discipline, he means a spanking. He leaves her to ponder the decision only to return shortly and listen to her answer that she will accept the spanking. (It would not be much of a spanking video if she took the other option.) She is to go to the other room, and strip to her panties and bra. (Don't worry. They both come down later.) He enters the bedroom, where we find Sara in the required state of undress. He sits down on the bed and she eases down over his lap. With that he girdles the panties and plants the first slap on her skin. She is already starting to grimace and wring her hands to deal with the sting that is starting to build. A few more slaps and she then starts to kick. At that point, he decides that the panties need to come down and slips them down to her ankles revealing her perfectly spankable bottom. At this point, he begins to lay into her with his hand. This time, it is quite strong and forceful and all that she does is kick her legs and whine in pain.

Kurt continues to spank the girl's bottom. Again and again she responds by kicking the bed with her legs while her bottom starts to change to the familiar reddish hue that we all know and love (on others). He does not seem to miss a spot; even as her brow begins to perspire under the assault. She grips the bedding, pulling up wads of the cover attempting to clutch on to something, anything, to stop the pain. The bottom is red from top to bottom, side to side and all around the edges. This lady has the bottom of a very naughty girl. Even as she continues to struggle, he picks up the pace. Faster and faster he spanks her bottom. More and more she struggles as if that would free her from his grip. Then he starts with some very hard slaps. Her toes flex. Her cries become faster. She is obviously having a hard time with this spanking. This is really beginning to hurt the lady as she bites her lip and buries her head in her arms with a furrowed brow. Kurt is not going to give up. He is going to make sure that this spanking is a good one. He slaps anything that is still pale. After a while, is proclaims that this is just starting to get warm. He spanks some more. He asks her if she wishes to reach back a rub. Stubborn to the end, with a shake of her head, she declines. So, he resumes the spanking. All that she can do is to wine and grab some of the bedding again. The OTK hand spanking stops when he gets up to get three pillows which he places on the bed and orders Sarah over the pillows. She is to get the paddle. The paddle is a wooden implement, about the size of a kitchen implement to flip pizza dough. It is thin but sturdy. He uses it forcibly, but not quickly on her bottom. Her response is only to whine some, grab new handfuls of bedding and kick with her feet. Sometime during the paddling, her bra comes loose. Eventually, she can't stand it any more and reaches around to rub her bottom. A few more slaps of the paddle and it is now time for the slapper.

She is positioned over the chair, bottom up and without the bra that had come loose earlier. We are treated to quite a few close ups of the lady's bottom as the slapper strikes. After a few good strokes, she reaches back to rub a little more sting that had been building up in her bottom away. He graciously waits for her to replace her hands before starting in again while she clamps on to the chair. Soon, she can no longer stay in position. She keeps moving her legs back and forth and at a few points almost gets up in protest. He finishes with a fast and furious flurry of strikes. By the time that he has finished, her bottom is just a flaming mass of flushed red flesh. It is hard to appreciate the lady's true color under the harsh lights. The lights wash out all the deep rich hues of her bottom that had be so carefully put there over the past half an hour.

The video ends with him explaining that he is not far away, and he can easily return for additional OTK instruction should it be warranted. I like the video. The spanking is very real. The girl's reactions to it can not be faked. They do show the effect of the spanking. Her bottom comes up to a nice deep shade of red. The scenario that is used is, for all intents and purposes, a valid but perhaps out-dated one. There are some technical flaws with the video. The lighting is harsh. It casts long shadows in places that should not be, including one of the camera man himself. The lighting of the girl's bottom was too stark; it washed out all of the color. The camera work needed improvement. At one point we were even treated to a show of the camera man's hands adjusting the camera. In another, the lights are clearly visible, and flare the lens. None of these technical flaws should detract from the fact that Kurt is a good OTK hand spanker. This lady most certainly went home with a very red and sore bottom; a bottom that will remind her of this film and Kurt for a few days after the shoot.

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