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The Family Silver

Starring: Michal Valasek as the Governor
Jiri Zabor as the Scribe
Lenka Kolarikova as maid
Petra Kadlecova as maid
Eliska Prochazkova as maid
Jana Adamova as maid
Jan Zlatousty as the blacksmith
Petr Podhajsky and Karel Stibrany as the Beasties
Review by Katrina
Running Time: Approximately 30 minutes

The governor has a problem. Four spoons are missing from the prince's silver collection. He is certain that one of the maids stole the spoons. The film opens with him devouring a roasted chicken and four cowering maids in the corner of the room, while the scribe brings in the maids belongings which are unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the room. A quick search reveals nothing.

The next thing to do is to search the girl's person. The scribe chooses one of the maids and begins to "pat her down" in search for the spoons. The maid resists the invasive probe when he starts to grope her breasts and lets the scribe know in no uncertain terms that he had gone too far with a slap across the face. That's it! The time for play is over!

The scribe summons the bully-boys, the beasties, who arrive and forcibly strip the maids from all of their clothing, sometimes literally ripping the dresses off their bodies, and ties their hands to a convenient railing. The next sight is pretty good, four naked women's backsides, huddled and bent over the railing, bottoms sticking out. All of this time, the governor is still eating his chicken.

The scribe begins to search the rags that was once clothing when what should he find in one pocket; a golden coin. Questioned how she has the coin, the maid informed that she received it from the prince and all that she had to do was to cooperate with nobility. Now, standing naked before the governor, he needs to know if the girls "cooperated" sexually for the prince. Each girl is held upside down by the pair of brutes and the scribe probes her vaginal area with his rough hands. (I am sorry but this scene made this lady reviewer very skittish.) In the last case, he comes back with blood on his hands. When the lady tells the governor that "God will punish you for this", he responds "I may be punished after death but you will be punished right here and now."

The beasties retrieve a long bench and a suitable length of rope. If the "turtle doves" will not confess the easy way, they will do it the hard way. One maid is selected, carried to the bench amidst suitable struggles, and forced to recline on the bench while her hands and waist are securely tied to the bench. The blacksmith brings in his implements, a tub with an ample supply of tree switches.

The beasties each grab a leg of the girl and separate them to opposite sides of the bench while we are treated to an "up the bottom" shot showing the girl's charms from below. She can not move her bottom. It is bound to the bench and held by her legs. The blacksmith stands to one side and as he raises the switch high over his head, the governor turns over an hourglass to measure how long the girl is to be thrashed.

The switching starts. You hear the switch slice through the air and see the girl's bottoms wiggle under the strike, leaving only a line where it landed. Each time, you see the bottom clench, rise a bit, hold it, and then relax. In short order, the thin stripes started to merge together to form wider ones; the wider ones in to still wider ones. Soon, her bottom and upper thighs is a mass of thick brown stripes that seem to be common with a picture from Lupus. The camera angle is great. It shows it all. Everything is on display. When the camera shows from the front you can see her hands tightly clenched, forearms and waist still held to the bench by the ropes; and with every stroke the lady grimaces and her head bounds up. About the time that her bottom muscles release her head would sag back down only to go back up again with the strike of the switch. All of this time, the girl was silent. A few moments later, the governor suspended the action so that he might examine the maid's stripped bottom more closely. You can see the muscles in her legs and bottom quiver, as the skin shake in reaction to a severe switching that had been going on.

This governor has a sadistic nature. He tells the scribe to fetch the salt from the desk and sprinkle it on the maid's bottom. The switching starts again. With the first stroke, the maid lets out a blood curdling scream of agony. The scribe's response is to simply toss more salt on her bottom and let the blacksmith continue. Every so often, like rice tossed at a weeding, he would toss salt on the lady's bottom to keep her agony screaming. Soon the maid's bottom is a mass of black and blue areas. The side of her hips and upper thighs show the lines from the switch. Fortunately for her, the sands in the hourglass run out and the governor calls a halt. Untied, the maid is dumped on the floor.

A second girl is selected. She too is tied to the bench in the same fashion as the first. With a thud, the governor turns over the hourglass and the switching starts. This one is not silent. She cries in pain from the first stoke. As such, she is spared the salt. (Only the first one gets the salt treatment.) This one just holds on tightly, her muscles as clenched as possible, giving her bottom the "dimpled look" and making her cheeks stick up that much more. Like before, we are treated to an "up the bench" shot to see the lady's bottom quiver and shake as the switch lands; the marks join and become more pronounced as they change from red to black. In the background you can hear her reaction. Unfortunately for us, the sands run out and he must stop. Released from the bench, she is carried to join her friend on the floor.

A third girl is selected. Screaming and fighting, she is led to the bench and securely bound while still kicking. The hourglass is turned over and she too starts to feel the sting of the switch on her bare bottom. She, too, screams in pain. In fact, this girl never stops screaming. Her mouth is just open all of the time as the switch bounces off her shaking bottom. She does not go very far. She screams, "I will confess! I confess! I will tell all!" Stunned, the blacksmith stops. 'I confess! I stole them!" she screams. The governor proclaims, in what will be a pivotal statement, "It is always the maids who steal and they always confess". The switch continues with question of "Where are they?" She still can not answer but after a while pleas "No, don't! I already confessed! I sold them!" Again, the switching starts when she is asked "Where is the money?" and it continues until eventually it is learned that the money was stolen. All of this time, her bottom dances to tune of the switch. It seems that she is to receive the full measure because the blacksmith would check the hourglass and continue. The governor proclaimed that the prince would deal with her tomorrow. So, at the end of the time, she was not dumped on the floor. She was shackled hands and foot to be hung on a pillar.

The final girl was selected. When she asked why she is being beaten because the third girl had confessed, she was told "Because I want to! To make you remember that stealing is wrong!" With that, the switching starts. The strong silent type does not last very long; for shortly after it starts, she too is crying in pain. Her hands are tightly clenched. Her arms are pulling at the bonds; all the while in considerable pain from her now well-marked bottom from that switch which never seems to stop. Her bottom must be very sore. This girl seems to be getting the worst of the treatments. The other had some interruption, something that would suspend the switching. This poor girl does not. It just goes on; and on; and on until finally the sands of time have run out. Untied, the fourth maid is put over the shoulder of one of the beasties and carried out. The others are led out by their still tied hands while the third girl, the one in shackles, is carried out over the shoulder of the blacksmith.

During all of this, the switching of the four maids, the governor was still devouring his second roast chicken and more interested in his meal than the plight of the maids.

The final scene reveals the ending of the movie. I will honor their web site and not reveal the ending. Suffice it to say that the governor is not a man of honor when he meets with a silver broker who puts down five gold pieces on the table. The film ends with the two men laughing at the thought of yet another session with the maids of spoon, spoon, who stole the spoons.

This film is shorter than some of their more recent epics. It primarily deals with the switching of four girls. There is a bit in the first part where the acting of the ladies is very good, huddled in the corner. But there is little dialog here. Most of the film is concentrated on the blacksmith applying a tree branch to the naked bottom of a young lady. The marks are good "classical Lupus". The restraints are accurate, in that the bondage to the long bench is valid. (The only exception is that the locks used on the manacles are modern padlocks. But, I guess that you can't have everything.) The reactions of the young ladies are excellent. The switching; well, you can't get any better. The costumes are very accurate for the period. In summary, this is a very good piece from what is becoming a, if not currently the, premiere spanking film studio.

Additional review provided by Ronald Scott

The Family Silver continues the current series of historical plots and settings for Lupus Films. Four cute maids are severely caned for stealing some silverware. The time period is a few hundred years ago, about the same setting as last year's indie film, The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

In the first scene, four maids are huddling in a corner waiting for the all-powerful master of the house to finish his dinner. They are all frightened and one repeatedly crosses herself. The master's Scribe enters and drops a laundry bag of clothes and belongings on the floor. He is searching for some missing silverware and suspects the girls.

The Scribe pulls out the left-most maid, who has black hair in pig-tails, and is especially cute, and roughly runs his hand over her body to find the spoons. When he reaches her breasts, she has had enough and slaps him hard across the face. He cries out and holds his cheek. He then quickly returns with two ploughboys who grab the unfortunate maid and roughly strip her. She struggles valiantly to no avail. The other three maids are also stripped one by one; we get to watch as their luscious teen-age figures are revealed; they are all tied with rope to a banister.

Their clothes are searched and a coin falls out of one of the maids' dresses. The maid says she got it from Prince Regnant. The master asks how and she replies that she "cooperated with nobility as is her place". An erotically charged shot follows of the four naked girls shuddering with fear as the Master and the Scribe discuss their fate.

In between the action, repeated close-ups of the Master eating his chicken occur. Unfortunately these shots, while intending to show the Master's disdain and aloofness from the servants, actually detract from the plot and impact of this feature.

All 4 naked girls are held upside down and their pussies are searched by the Scribe for more coins. The 2nd outraged maid bites the Scribe's leg hard; he cries out and the Master laughs hysterically. One maid tells the Master "God will punish you for this". He replies "I may be punished after death, but you will be punished here and now".

The blacksmith and a basket of canes are quickly brought. A black haired maid with pigtails is tied to a long bench with her legs widely held apart by the ploughboys (who have a great view throughout). An hourglass-type timer is turned upside down to time each girl's caning. The maid does not seem to react much to the caning so the sadistic Master supplies some salt from his table to sprinkle on her welts to increase her suffering. She immediately feels the difference and starts crying out.

As she does not confess, the Master says that maybe it wasn't her and a brunette maid with a sexy figure is tied to the bench. The Master watches this caning closely; perhaps he covets this girl. By the end her bottom is well marked with red and purple welts. Several camera angles are used to good effect during the canings including long and side shots and face close-ups.

A third quite cute maid who also has black hair and pigtails is now tied down. She cries out during the severe caning and then says "I will tell you everything. I confess I stole them". Her story, upon interrogation, is a bit weak but the Master believes her and has her hands chained high above her head like a criminal. Obviously the pose is quite erotic for viewing the cute maid.

Although the first three girls all react strongly to their canings, their reactions seem a bit "off target" to this viewer. But that is not the case for the final maid, the wonderful red-haired Jana Adamova, who has a beautiful and expressive face. Before being tied down she plaintively asks the Master "Why ?" as the culprit maid has now been caught. He replies "To make you remember that stealing is wrong" and the innocent girl is tied down for punishment like the others.

Her punishment includes several erotic face close-ups of the pleading and crying girl. Also we see some great longer shots of the suffering red-head with the black haired maid chained with her hands high above her head in the background. As the long caning continues her cries become more desperate and anguished. When it ends all 4 girls are roughly dragged from the room.

This feature has a surprise ending in a following night scene with the Master and a shadowy figure dressed entirely in black. But I cannot give it away; you will have to watch the video to find out! The performances of the Master and Scribe are excellent throughout this feature.

Overall, the Family Silver will not disappoint fans of Lupus Films. It continues the Lupus tradition of having cute young girls stripped of their pretty period costumes for severe punishment. I rate this one 8.5 out of 10.

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