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Fannies on Fire

Time:52 min
Directed by: George Harrison-Marks
Actresses:Amber Scott, Liza Wigan, Caron Shields

British work; George's CP film company interviews two cute girls to perform, and of course they must be auditioned. A buxom pale-eyed blonde (we need to see a lot more of her) and a sveldt brunette nervously wait and keep saying they "don't know what to expect." The director produces two tarty costumes--a nurse and a French maid. He will "test" the girls one at a time while showing his secretary Christina how-to spanking techniques.

The blonde is first as the maid; the director fondles her and the outfit together; After she is twirled and stroked a bit--she is delectable in this skimpy dress--she is bent over and a mild spanking begins on nice little red silk panties,which are soon south to display a slightly large but pristine white and estimable bottom, designed for its big day. Christina is a weak spanker; the director quickly shows how to bring up the color and the yelps. Amist a lot of rubbing, stroking, and fondling, he applies an ineffectual cloth cat, but with 10 legitimate cane strokes does get good lines and reflexive reactions. We watch a slightly shaken young lady re-panty. I guess that's all we see of her. The second girl, Karen, has sloppily dressed as the nurse. she is similarly handled, de-pantied, and spanked. Her particular anatomy provides us with an expansive intimate view. Her legs are somewhat spread during her 10 cane strokes. It seems everyone is aroused.

In an unrelated sequence, a redhead (this might be Liza; she took a terrific courageous caning in "The Spanking Academy of Dr. Blunt") is brought to a schoolroom setting by her "husband." On the wall is a blackboard with a list of spanking procedures. This is a training room, because our director, now in don's cap-and-gown, will show the husband how to punish his wife. The redhead is in customary school uniform, except we quickly see she's wearing nifty white panties, beautifully filled out. Soon they're down, exposing a perfect redhead's fair-skinned bottom. She is made to bend over a desk for the usual escalating series--a hard handspanking, a small stiff tawse, a noisy studded strap, and finally about 30 stiff professional strokes of the cane. Her bottom is full-screen most of the way, and she develops completely red, striped, welted cheeks, topping her past performances I've seen. You wonder how often she could work at this job. We stop for clinical examinations enroute.

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