Site Status Update Feb 2010- From the looks of the free area, it does not appear as though the site has been updated since 2008. Memberships are still available for $19.95 for 30 days. I did not take out a membership at this time, but presumably the previous content is still archived online.

At first glance, the Far East Media website might not seem like that much to you. There isn't the promise of hundreds of video clips, or thousands of images, online games, or special features. So, one might ask why bother joining this site, it's just a waste of time right? Not so fast. This site has something wonderful to offer, something that is very useful to the consumer of spanking videos. The member's area offers video clips of every tape they have to offer. And, these video clips are not just 2 minute previews, they are the entire video. That's right, if you join the site, you can download and watch the entire product line from Far East. Nothing edited out, what you see on the tapes is what you see in the clips. Now, that is something different. The clips themselves are in Real Media format and the quality is pretty decent. You also have the choice of downloading the title as one large file or multiple smaller files. Far East is a relatively new company, but seems to be making strides towards becoming a well known name. The girls are pretty, and it has that amateur feel to it that many people like. The viewer can easily relate to the guy doing the video. Each production has some type of sex act in them, be it male/female intercourse, lesbian action, blow jobs, or masterbation. So, if spanking followed by sex is your thing, you might want to at least take a look at the preview area. Again, the site may not have all the bells and whistles of other sites, but that's not the owner's intentions. They just want to offer their products to you in a different format. And, at $19.99 for one month, it's a pretty good price if you are looking at picking up a few of their videos. I mean, what better way to decide if you want to purchase a tape than looking at the entire production online? If you are interested in seeing what this company is about or what they have to offer, it's worth the price for one month's admission.

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