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28 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/11/08

A female shop owner bustles about her store and receives a call--one of her good customers is complaining about the quality of her recent shipment and the attitudes of two of her female employees.

The two girls return to the shop--Rene, a redhead, and Justine, a blonde. The owner examines the samples they have brought back, and it appears the girls have been wearing them. On top of the customer complaint, this is too much. She fires both girls. "Oh, please." We love this begging--it gets us right to where we want to be. "Well, there is an alternative. You'll be severely punished." The girls agree that they are willing to "do anything."

Blonde Justine is the first to go OTK, without much debate. It is announced: "20 slaps," first on black tights, then on white panties beneath. Her bottom is positioned invitingly high. The shop owner is amused and enjoying herself.

Redhead Rene is spanked next, with a four-finger wide, thick tawse, on her black panties. It is silly, unfortunately, but this tawse in others' hands could cause some real excitement. Justine watches off to the side and is ordered to strip naked, which she does with a flourish as the tawsing ends. Justine is then tawsed over a chair--which doesn't quite get to her either, but she does provide us with some nice views.

Rene strips down to bra and panties for more light tawsing. Pants come down. The spanking has been mild but the scenery is charming. While she is spanked bare-bottom OTK again, the camera captures a rod hanging on a hook. We sit up straighter in our chair.

"Time for caning." Justine will be first. She bends over, spreading her legs for balance, a nice circumstance and always a good idea. The shop owner cracks her 5 times and is amused. "Come and see my new line." About 12 more strokes. Justine reflexively tightens and opens her buttocks, in a sexy rhythm begging for inquiring fingers.

Rene is next for the cane. "We'll have the same lines for you." She gets 15 to 20, and often her bottom is centered full-screen. We watch the lines ripen.

The shop owner has gotten her redress. She sends the two employees upstairs to Martin, naked as they are, to be dressed in something else. Hope there are no customers in the store. She did enjoy herself, and we presume "Martin" has been similarly surprised before. He should take his time picking just the right ensembles.

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