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Fax and Figures

time: 49 minutes
Reviewed by: MARS posted 12/31/09

A standard CP film with no inventive aspects; Ivor Gold plays James, a small apparel merchandiser trying to keep his business in order, and to control his female model and female assistants, who are both taking various liberties.

Brassy blonde Amber Scott plays the model Samantha, and as in her other CP films she is given every opportunity to flash her body and to cast us those imploring come-hither see-if-you-can glances. She tries on a naughty schoolgirl skirt for James and makes sure he sees her topless, so she can hit him up for yet another loan and more lunch hour time.

Associate Jane steals cash from a payment to the business. Shortly, James and Jane decide Sam is ready for a sorting out with a good spanking. We know Jane is walking toward some discipline herself. Jane is a tall light-colored brunette with plenty of action going on under her blouse and skirt. She too models a skirt for James, but knows enough to place the mirror and herself so James doesn't get his looks.

Sam seems to accept her impending spanking and models again, in an absolutely illegal short schoolgirl skirt and a bare midriff blouse. Jane is sent to a nearby store to buy spanking implements and returns gleefully with a bagful. A full 10 minutes in, Sam's spanking begins--OTK, skirt up, white panties down, Jane takes over right away. The dressing room mirror has been placed so we watch Sam's face as well as her bouncing wiggling bare bottom as Jane smacks. Easy to see how the actress Ms. Scott gets her roles. The business fax machine and phone chirp unattended during these proceedings.

Sam wants to rub. Jane: "I'll rub your bottom when it's ready to be rubbed...lie still." Jane has her strip nude, for the tawse kneeling on the couch, more strategic mirror. The film is as much nudie voyeurism as CP, this scene the best. Jane's plan to proceed to the cane for Sam is delayed a moment.

James has detected the cash shortage and now it is Jane's turn. Half-naked Sam watches in delight as Jane gets her spanking. Pants--loose pantaloon shorts, down, good looking lady, but a lot of silly talk. Sam is allowed to whack at the OTK Jane with the tawse. Both girls admit that they "deserve" to be spanked.

Jane strips nude after her spanking, and the promised body pressing her little outfit does not disappoint. Wonderful nudie stuff. She just has to stand there to make this film worth its price. The dressing room mirror augments the view and we are very impressed with how it is used, providing more or less 360-degree coverage of each girl. Jane gets the paddle bent over the couch, a posture dramatically improved by wonderful boobs. She knows it. Slow paddling, hard leather, sexy nude posing.

James gets his cane and only Sam will be getting it, another shiny pink naked body filling the screen. Six easy strokes, then 14 more, counted aloud, and harder. The concluding naked parade follows, two actresses loaded with assets and red bottoms, carefully viewed front and back.

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