F/FF reviewed by John O'Connell

This review is a little bit different since the video was downloaded from a website instead of being watched on a video tape. As far as I can tell, this is the only way to purchase the videos. You must pay online and then download the video in it's entirety. Depending upon your connection, you have the option to either download the video as one file or as multiple files. The quality of the video is surprisingly good. Even at full screen, there isn't much quality loss and the motion is fluid and clear. The sound is also clear and crisp. This particular video does not have one storyline, but rather four separate short stories. Each one is independent of the other and features different models.

The video starts with two pretty schoolgirls sitting at a table. Both women have been seen in Spanking Online productions before, and I believe they both go by Elizabeth. A pop song plays in the background as they two converse and the camera shows the girls from several different angles. As the music fades, the teacher enters the room and yells for the two girls to sit up straight. If you have a beverage in your hand, you may want to set it down just before this part, otherwise you may end up wearing it. She then hands out a sheet of paper, but neither girl has a pen. This angers the teacher and she orders them to place the chairs against the wall. The brunette drags the chair, making this loud sound that further irritates the teacher and she yells for her to pick the chair up. The brunette is made to bend over the side of the table while the blonde is told to stand against the wall. The teacher lifts the brunette's black schoolgirl skirt and exposes her white panties. She delivers several hard smacks to her panty clad bottom. After a moment, she has the student lower her panties and then resume the position. She takes her time lowering her panties and bending back over, which causes the impatient instructor to yell once again. The teacher continues the hand spanking on the bare bottom for several moments, giving the young lady's bottom a nice red tinge to it. With panties still around her knees, the brunette is made to walk over to and stand facing the wall while the blonde takes her place at the table. She is bent over in the same fashion that the brunette was and her skirt is lifted exposing her white panties. The teacher strikes the blonde student's panties with a round of hard slaps and then has her lower them to her knees. She is bent back over for another hard round of spanking, this time on the bare.

The blonde student pulls up her panties and the two girls swap places once again. The brunette is bent over, this time facing the strap. The teacher delivers around 18 hard swats with the leather strap, causing our pretty young lass to twist and writhe on the table. She grunts, moans, and yells with no sympathy from her tormentor. She is then ordered back to the wall and the blonde must have her turn with the strap. Her panties are pulled down by the teacher, making almost a curtain on the back of her legs. A solid round with the strap caused this girl to moan and groan as well as wiggle around. She even stands up and grabs her bottom, which of course causes the teacher to lose her patience again and yell some more. The blonde returns to the wall so that the brunette may get her dose of the cane. The teacher delivers six hard strokes to this naughty girl's bottom before doing the same to the blonde. Once the caning has completed, they are ordered to retrieve the chairs and then sit down at the table. This concludes the first segment.

The second segment features the lovely Catherine Corbett. Catherine is wearing a white t-shirt and blue soccer shorts. It appears as though she was playing field hockey and struck another girl with her stick, causing her injury. Catherine insists this was an accident, but the headmistress doesn't believe her. She said this has happened before and that she must be punished because she is a bully. Catherine denies this accusation, but it does her no good. I though Catherine's acting in this was pretty good. She stood in front of the headmistress's desk, shaking her leg and tugging at her shorts. A rather convincing portrayal of a young woman that has been sent to the principal for punishment. The headmistress bends Catherine over her desk and begins to spank her over her shorts. Catherine is still protesting, claiming that the incident was an accident and that she didn't mean to hurt the other girl. However, the headmistress just keeps spanking her. The camera changes angles periodically, giving you some side angles that shows Catherine's face, as well as some close of shots of her bum being spanked. The headmistress then pulls down Catherine's shorts and black panties, continuing the hand spanking on her bare bottom. The headmistress then begins to spank her with a short round paddle. This brings louder moans and groans from our athlete. She is made to count the last five swats from the paddle and is then allowed to stand up and rub her bum. She once again says that she is very sorry for what happened, but it is too late and the headmistress pushes her back down onto the desk. She is then given 6 strokes of the cane, in which she wiggles about after each one. She is then allowed to pull her panties and shorts back up and told that she had better not get in trouble again. This ends the second segment.

The third part veers from the school theme. It features two women, which if I understood this correctly, has one wanting to be the other's submissive. The dominant blonde orders the submissive blonde over her knee. She is wearing a black leather dress and is spanked soundly over this before having it raised to reveal that she is not wearing any panties. The spanking then continues on the bare bottom. After a few moments of steady spanking, the young blonde is ordered to get up and bend over the chair. She is subjected to approximately 18 swats with a strap. She becomes more vocal than she had been during the spanking. Then, seemingly out of no where, a cane come flying out and lands near the dominant woman's feet. She picks the cane up and slices it through the air, apparently causing a hairbrush to come sliding across the floor and come to rest underneath the chair the submissive is bent over. After three hard strokes with the cane, the submissive blonde stands up and rubs her rear end. After two more strokes, she does it again, causing the dominant blonde to yell at her to bend back over. Roughly ten strokes are delivered in all before the scene comes to an abrupt end. The dominant woman's master arrives and sends the submissive away. We do not get to see him punish the dominant woman however. After some slow motion replays of the caning, it's off to the final segment.

The last part to the production features a brunette (the headmistress from the 2nd segment) and a blonde student sitting at the front of a class (in which it appears they are the only ones in). The teacher yells at them for fooling around and orders the brunette to the front of the class. She is bent over the desk, has her skirt raised exposing her thong, and given five hard swats of the paddle. She is then sent back to her seat and the blonde reports for her punishment. She is bent over, has her skirt raised, and is spanked over the white lace panties she is wearing. After a moment, the panties are lowered and the spanking continues on her bare bottom. She is then give six good swats with the strap before being allowed back to her seat. Unfortunately, the girls didn't learn their lesson and act up right after being handed a sheet of paper. The brunette is brought back up to the desk and bend over once again. She is given a warm up hand spanking, followed by roughly 20 swats of a strap. This gets some oohs and ahhs out of her. Then it's the blonde's turn. She has her panties lowered and the round paddle is used on her bare bottom. She makes some rather cute sounds including an "oh la la" groan. She is given nine swats before we are treated to a slow motion capture of the previous swats. She is then given ten more with the round paddle before being treated to a round with the strap. Another short slow motion break and then the blonde is returned to her seat. One might think that the girls would have learned their lesson by now, but they just can't seem to get the message. So, the brunette is brought up once again, and this time has her thong pulled down. She is given another hand spanking and then another 15 or so swats with the strap. The blonde is then brought up one last time to be given 4 final blows on the bare bottom with the strap.

This video is a decent production. There are four different scenarios, all of which feature attractive models. The quality of the file is very good for this type and the running time is 45 minutes. The website also tends to run deals in which you can get multiple films for one low price.

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