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Fetch the Cane

20 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/10/08

Carol, an American teenybopper type, chatters on the phone, legs spread with panties on display. Her British stepmother takes the phone away and criticizes her for smoking, drinking, and goofing off. The stepmother will call Thomas, the girl's father. Stage set.

Thomas arrives, a familiar Amercian CalStar operative. They discuss the need for a caning. "I don't want to mark her right away. I'll give her a good spanking first." She goes OTK, panties pulled down. Stepmom takes over, harder and louder. Thomas assists and takes her panties "right off," as he likes to say. She is sent to the bathroom and made to pee and bring back the cane.

Kneeling on the couch, the first two strokes leave clear marks; then more over a barstool--a lot of colorful squawking and positioning. Lovely closeups of a bottom which really shows marks quickly. On the floor, up again, all clothes off, then into the bathroom nude, where an enema has been prepared. A rough session for poor Carol today.

We don't see the enema procedure (it is 1986);Carol is back in the sitting room, calmed down, still nude but for knee socks. Back OTK for more spanking from both parents. Squirming continues, but we guess a trip back to the bathroom is always available if needed.

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