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Final Warning

Directed and Produced: Connoisseur Videos
Reviewed by: William Tells

Spanking enthusiasts will be doing themselves a favor by buying Connoisseur America's "Final Warning", as it's a spanking movie with something for everyone.

The movie begins with a woman bringing her two nieces (named Morgan and Kara) home to spend the night, as they have been suspended from school for drinking and smoking. She relays this information to her daughter, named Monica. (While in the presence of her mother, Monica is quite submissive.) She says because of this, the two girls will be sent to Reform School, where they will be severely disciplined. The mother has to leave, so she leaves Monica in charge of Morgan and Kara. Monica announces she has to go out, and tells the two miscreants to behave while she's away. Of course, they don't! To use an English expression, their attitude is "in for a penny, in for a pound". It would be like we North Americans saying " in for a dime, in for a dollar". Anyway, they feel since they're already in trouble, they might as well help themselves to their Aunt's cigarettes, and wine. As if this isn't bad enough...they also find their Aunt's digital camera, and take some provocative pictures of themselves. They are in the process of looking at these pictures when Monica returns. They hear her coming, and quickly close the laptop computer they've been viewing themselves on.

Monica discovers that Morgan and Kara had been drinking and smoking. She decides that since her mother will blame her, she must punish them. (I must admit the movie has a slightly long preamble to the actual spanking, but it's worth it. By the time Monica reappears, you'll WANT to see these two scamps punished, because they DESERVE it!!)

Monica doesn't disappoint as a spanker. It's quite a contrast to see her as a dominant, especially since the first time we see her she's quite submissive. (The spanking scenes somehow put me in mind of the British pop group "The Spice Girls". It's like the members of that group are into spanking. Besides, who among us didn't fantasize about taking one or all of them across our knee, right?) She starts off spanking both girls together, while they are kneeling on a couch. After a good "warm up", it's time for their individual punishments. She starts off with Moran, the larger of the two naughty girls. Morgan has a voluptuous bottom, but that doesn't detract from her beauty. In fact, in my mind it adds to it. Monica gives her a lengthy hand spanking, before moving on to a springy rubber paddle, and then a stingy leather strap. All the while, she's rubbing Morgan's bottom between spanks. Perhaps to make her cousin feel better, or maybe it's to "rub the warmth in", or increase it. Regardless, it's the perfect combination of severity and sexuality. Next, it's Kara's turn. It has to be doubly hard for her, as she's been ordered to watch her sister's punishment.... all the while knowing she's next ! She gets exactly the same treatment from Monica... hand spanking, rubber paddle, leather paddle. Interestingly, although her bottom is smaller than Morgan's (yet oh - so - incredibly - gorgeous), she seems to suffer more. After another lengthy punishment, again mixed with rubbing and smacking, Monica orders the two girls to get into their pajamas. The viewer might think their punishment is over, but they'd be wrong.

As we're awaiting the return of Morgan and Kara, we see Monica taking some "practice swings" with a swishy cane. She informs her two cousins this will be the "grand finale" of their punishment...and if they don't accept, she'll tell her mother what they've been up to. So, it's back over the chair for the two girls...with Morgan again going first. The caning scenes are quite interesting, and unique. The first set is delivered on the punished girl's pajama covered bottom, and the counting of strokes is done by Monica. Then, the girl is ordered to bare her bottom, and this time SHE has to count the strokes. After Morgan is caned, it's Kara's turn, and she has once again been watching the proceedings before feeling the sting of the cane herself. Once they've been caned, the two girls have their bottoms rubbed by Monica while kneeling on the couch, and then they're sent off to bed.

You might think after all this action, the movie would be over. I know I did. But, if you did think that, you'd be wrong, like I was. Monica's mother comes home, and after some small talk, goes to her computer to check some e-mails. As soon as she does, she sees the pictures Morgan and Kara took of themselves (Aha... forgot about them, didn't you?) She demands an explanation, and decides to spank Morgan and Kara. As soon as Morgan goes over her knee, the mother discovers the evidence of the discipline Monica has dispensed. She makes Kara display her bottom, and sees the same thing. She demands an explanation from Monica, and is not pleased with what she hears. She says Morgan and Kara will definitely be going to "Reform School", and - not only that - they, and Monica, will be spanked. (Again, it's stunning to see the transformation of Monica...who goes from stern disciplinarian, to extremely submissive spankee). Unlike the first part of the movie, these spanking are not as long, but they are very effective.

The movie comes to an end with Monica, Morgan, and Kara kneeling on the chesterfield, displaying their bare bottoms. I have to admit, this scene put me in mind of "The Three Bears". (or should I say, ahem, "three bares"). We all know women, and their bottoms, come in all shapes and sizes. So, depending on your preference, you'll no doubt feel one of these bottoms (if not all three) is "juuust right" for you. There's even a nice bonus at the end of the movie, courtesy of the nice people at Connoisseur America. I'm not going to spoil it though; you'll have to buy the movie to find out. So, to sum up, if you like seeing gorgeous girls getting spanked by another gorgeous girl, buy this movie. If you like seeing both severe and erotic spanking, buy this movie. If you want to find out what the special surprise is at the end of the show, buy this movie. However, I won't be telling you this again. The choice is yours. Consider this your FINAL WARNING

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