Finishing School Discipline

Time: 2 hours

Long review of parts 1 and 2, continuous in plot. There are more in the series. Reviews I've read are fun. These films are worthy of your attention if you share our interest; filled with funny dialogue and sharp spanking. If you can't find them, let's try to paint a rosy picture here.

Simple setting: a British Girls' School classroom---desk, blackboard, filing cabinets. In the background, you're excited to see an umbrella stand with several canes. Four very well structured girls are going to be brought to account by a professor-type, Mr. Stirling, a humorous vaudevillian absurdity in dress and behavior. But we love him, because he'll demonstrate he fancies the female bottom and is a talented spanker. Repetitious scenario is irrelevant because each spanking is different.

First is Philippa Thompson, a spunky blonde in pigtails and school uniform; before her sentence is executed, she gets a long silly admonishing, as do each of the girls, so we're robbed of some spanking time, but it heightens the tension. Finally she is taken OTK, her jumper is pulled up. Here is a tight, hard little bottom and a terrific schoolgirl athletic body. The handspanking is moderate, but Philippa is a great kicker, twister, and moaner. Very cute. You want our Mr. Stirling to pour it on. Philippa just won't shut up, so he threatens the cane. "Please, sir, not the cane." He very much enjoys the little squirming package on his lap and misses no opportunity, as he will not with any of the girls, to fondle, caress, and explore.

Ms. Thompson must stand and drop her blue knickers herself; back over for more handspanking; Stirling cops some feels and we cop some great closeups; then, she stands again and is ordered to completely undress. It is a lovely, slow ritual. He confiscates her unauthorized red bra and puts it in a file drawer. Over Stirling's desk, in just her socks, for more of the hand. Good old Stirling takes out a tape measure and does some sensuous figure measurements in just the right places. "Oh, I say." She faces us, nude---an impressive figure, a neat little mohawk, and two freckles in a place probably providing entertainment to this day. We're given a nice moment to study the naked and downcast Philippa, hands on head, while Stirling makes an entry in the punishment book. She scurries off naked, dodging the bullet (in the umbrella stand) for now.

Rap on the door. Katie Pringle-Patterson is next, a tall brunette who keeps her face averted most of the time. She's been running with boys and quickly cuts a deal: she'll accept a "most severe" caning in return for a pencilled entry in the punishment book. This looks to be fun. She's bent over the desk, skirt up, and covers her pantied bottom with her hands. "Just promise you won't tell my Dad." Hands reluctantly away, the caning begins---six crisp strokes on the little pants. She gasps and reflexively twitches--very convincing. She pulls her own pants down on demand--this is part of Stirling's style. 7 more ringing strokes; nice sniffling and tears; he measures and fingers her weals; she faces us--a little glimpse of a pretty face and some schoolgirl fuzz; but it's not over; "I'm not finished, Patterson. Time for the rousing finale." He leans into three rapid crisp strokes, and when she flails and knocks items off his desk, she earns a final red line. Off she goes. Sore bottom but potentially no ink entry in the punishment book. You can imagine Stirling will exact some further price before he actually erases. Devil! This could be a mini-series.

It's evening. Cute Philippa returns, in floppy pajamas. You know what's going to happen to those. Stirling: "I haven't made an indelible mark, have I?" In a nonce, Philippa is OTK. Soon the pj bottoms are down. Nice white panties. But: we need a "good bare bottomed spanking." Poor Ms. Thompson. Next she stands, pants down, hands on head. Stirling excels in humiliation. She is ordered to strip. Oops, another non-regulation bra. Into the filing cabinet. What's in that cabinet, anyway? She's pulled her pants up along the way and now she cowers in front of his desk in just the little cotton things. More OTK. She's threatened with the cane again, but again is let off. But we've gotten our ticket price with the nifty little tush and cute sorrowful face.

Move to the second film. Same scene. Amy Watson, an attractive brunette, has been caught cheating. "I want you back here at 4 PM, in a clean pair of underpants, to pay the price." Later, it's blazer off, skirt up, OTK, and a firm handspanking on white pants and a nice high cheeked bottom. "We don't like this, do we?" "No, sir." When Stirling takes down her pants, he discovers they're nylon--non-regulation, confiscated! He fondles and compliments her beautiful reddening cheeks. He pulls out his trusty "Derrick," a table tennis bat, which elicits a yelp from Amy as the level rises. The actor is so silly that even Amy, with a sore red bottom to contend with, laughs. "This is one of the most marvelous bottoms I've seen." And in priceless unscripted surely unrehearsed conversational Irish accented ad-lib: "Do I have to thank you for that?"

Stirling warns Amy it's time for Phase II. We're ready. Amy must strip. Dress, tie, blouse, and panties come off, but somehow a vest survives, and too bad, because Amy had filled it out admirably. "This shouldn't be happening, sir." Stirling gets the cane, "my little friend the ultimate purifies the flesh."

The delectable half-nude Amy bends over the desk and takes 7 notable strokes. "Feel free to scream, Watson." In fact, she is breathing hard, writhing, and sniffling. This was short and sharp. We had a moment to contemplate bare Amy in-place.

Scene change. Two more girls---it's the blonde Philippa Thompson and tall brunette Katie Pringle-Patterson back again. Katie is first, quickly OTK, and spanked on her "fruity" panties. "Painful?" asks Stirling....."and embarassing,sir," a very British reply. Stirling applies some of his Derrick paddle and Katie is done, with some silly squawking.

"Thompson, it's your turn." Stirling has Katie pull down Philippa's pants and hold her still for a routine OTK. We move to the climax. Both girls must stand and strip. Slips off, bras off, pants off (collected and filed!). They face us--nice little shaves. Stirling fondles their breasts. "Oh, I say!" He alternately spanks them as they face the blackborad, an in closeup, we watch hi spread salve slowly on each bottom. Nice.

And the last girl, tennis-player Miss Antoinette LeBlanc, a beautiful brunette, saucy and sassy, just plain asking for it. She's a repeat offender, so it's the cane right off. She bends over the lectern and takes three strokes on her panties. "Take those panties down." About 10 snappy strokes. The camera catches the cloth puddle at her feet. There are tears and legitimate gasps and desperate squeals in authentic French. "One final flurry" of 3 hard strokes. Good weals and stripes. Are those blood flecks? She flexes, rubs, and twists. We watch her well-tempered pretty bottom as she receives her final lecture.

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