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35 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/18/08

Sophie Fennington at her most gorgeous--her skinny ribs have disappeared and her body is more curvy than before, and of course her bottom is still the highlight. Here she is doing some experimenting with one of her girlfriends. Their men are at the pub (they wouldn't be if they knew what was happening at home); Sophie's friend Sharon, another blonde, suggests her husband is being "naughty" with her and angling to spank her. Sophie is intrigued, pours some wine, shows Sharon some "Phoenix" magazines she has on hand, and retrieves a cat o' nine tails, paddle, and tawse she apparently has some experience with.

Sophie's boyfriend Pete is interested in these things; the girls decide to spank each other to explore the sensations. They repair to the bedroom; Sophie strips down to a sweet liittle body stocking and volunteers to be tied face down on the bed. Nice gentle bondage scene--as her wrists and ankles are tied to the stylish white metal frame. She keeps on her white heels. The bed is too soft--even one pillow doesn't raise her bottom properly, but who's complaining? Sophie spreadeagled on her stomach is something to see.

Sharon first handspanks Sophie, in her transparent body stocking, then bunches up the cloth to expose the pink she has achieved. "First we'll do this spanking then something a little more painful." Both girls are enjoying themselves, and Sophie couldn't look better. Sharon gets the cat 'o nine tails and lays on fully 70 strokes, loud and fun, but not vicious. She unsnaps the body stocking in Sophie's crotch and does a gentle creaming with body oil. Sophie wiggles and presents her bottom in full realization of who might be watching this performance.

Sharon: "We still have time till the men come back. How about you tying me up?" She strips nude and we have the same sexy tie-down. Sophie really knows her knots and spanks harder than Sharon. "Oh, I'm not as used to this as you are." Sophie gives her a sample taste of both the cat and the strap. "You decide." It's the cat, and there follow 125 strokes; we're torn between watching Sharon twisting nude under the onslaught or Sophie whipping away in her skimpy outfit.

They discuss what would happen if the men came back now (let us imagine another movie). Sophie thinks Pete would love to see her with a red bottom. Another long cold cream scene, very sensual.

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