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Nu West 122
32 minutes

Several anthologists of our scene have excerpted this one, and for good reason. An Ed Lee serial-spanking classic. A young woman, cloaked as the matron "Kimberly," and "thinly veiled," as we'll see, comes to a reformatory to see some girls whipped for her pleasure. A touch of pay-to-view spanking from "Nell In Brideswell," and Nu West describes it as a chapter from "The Song of the Martinet." The guard, NW's Celeste, glamorously uniformed, seats Kimberly comfortably, decants some wine, and goes for the first victim.

She returns with the first girl, an auburn-haired morsel with Brook Shields eyebrows, and she's nude, stark buck naked. Not even socks. Lee loves the juxtaposition of fully clothed authority figures and naked penitents, and so do I. The matron lamps the girl, and with a smirky leer, signals a twirl, and we get a delightful 360-degree tour. I should say here that NOBODY twirls like NW's Katie, elsewhere in the catalog. In a nice closeup, Celeste pats and squeezes each buttock. This girl is ready! Wrist cuffs are strppped on, then fastened to a white rope dangling center-stage. Celeste walks to the wall and hauls the girl's arms up and secures the taut rope. Lovely. Celeste gets her five-tongued martinet, and proceeds to lay on 30 spaced, rhythmic, full-swing strokes. The naked girl twists, writhes, and moans appropriately. Nice moderate noisy stripes. Repeats from a ceiling view; on a suffering face; a side angle; and a few of Celeste diligently hard-at-wrok. The last 10 strokes (for each girl) are rapid-fire, and elicit some delightful dancing. Girl #1 is released and marched off.

Girl #2, a thrilling statuesque stacked blonde, is next. She is the poster girl for this tape. Nude; twirled; plumped; strung-up. She is a lot more discomfited by the martinet, which is a pleasure to watch, with her dancing on the rope, long-legged, and up on bare toes. She, as do each of the girls, eyes Celeste circling with the whip, and reflexively twitches in futile avoidance. She, also as with each of the girls, has a luxuriant bush, and a downy smidge underarm.
Why is this so sexy?

Girl #3, a showgirl-sized brunette, does some impressive stomping and creative gasping in her moments of need.

Girl #4, another major blonde, twists herself into a lucky angle, giving us a neat oblique view of her dancer's buttocks under duress.

But the title says FIVE bottoms. Kimberly has begun to fondle herself in her voyeur excitement. Celeste expresses the appropriate disapproval, gives her the come-over-here-it's-your-turn finger waggle, on go the cuffs and up go the arms. Kimberly is fully dressed, so Celeste belts up her skirt and rips off her panties with a naughty flourish, and then, one by one, the naked girls return to mete out 10 shots with the martinet. They're not as experienced, accurate, or aggressive as Celeste, but it's fun to watch, as is the whole show.

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