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For Being Impertinent

time: 32 Mins
year: 2000
Guest Review by Mars 8/28/09

The actress Miss Chambers in another schoolroom drama, where every detail is finely turned. Two very sweet-looking blonde students, Maria and Louise, have been called to confrontation. It seems Chambers possesses some semi-naked photos they posed for at a local club, in school uniforms, no less. The girls lie about it, but Chambers produces the Polaroids. The girls blame each other, which simply fans the flames.

Miss Chambers is elegantly tall and model-thin, in high heels, a short dress with Grecian design, and at first glance, not someone you'd expect to dish out a wicked spanking. All the more erotic.

The girls know what is about to happen. One has been spanked and caned before and whispers warnings to the other. Louise, long blonde hair, will be spanked first. She goes OTK, very reluctantly, white panties are soon lowered. Miss Chambers spanks hard. Chewing gum pops out of Louise's mouth. She provides us a frontal glimpse when she retrieves it and earns extra spanks.

Pigtailed bonde Maria is next OTK, also in white panties. Chambers handspanks about as hard as it can be done. Both girls face the wall, pants across knees, in the pose we never tire of.

Miss Chambers has her procedures and sequences, and the next phase is a slippering for both girls, bent bare over their desks; hard and loud.

Louise comes forward, bends across Miss Chambers' desk, is made to gaze at the photos while Chambers whales at her with a tawse in her experienced, breathtaking style. Louise talks back and earns more. Maria presents her bare bottom for the same, but gets 12 more also because this whole caper was her idea. She shows all her charms in this erotic highlight of the film.

This is England. There is a cane nearby. Chambers torments the girls, holding the cane cunningly out of sight like they didn't know it was coming. Louise bends for 12 on the bare--real tears running down her cheeks and dripping off her nose. Maria is caned next--almost twenty strokes are shown. Classic welts and weals.

Louise is called back. "Stop that sobbing or I'll have you back for extras." Another half-dozen.

In this fully-equipped classroom, a clock showed about 3 hours elapsed time for this 30 minute video. Presumably they did not tinker with the time, and of course the continuity of an increasingly red bottom requires the production move along.

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